42 High Quality Fonts for Professional Web Design

High quality fonts are important assets to designers. We always strive to be unique in every design project, but sometimes getting the right font for the right design can be hard. Searching for fonts via search engines and font sites can be time consuming and tedious.

free fonts

In today’s post, we attempt to sum up as many free and high quality fonts as possible into one post. These following fonts can be downloaded free and use for any of your projects. Although they are free, it’s always good for you to check with various creators about the licensing if you are going to use it for commercial projects.

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Andika Basic

Andron Regular

Anivers Regular

Bergamo Std

Bonveno CF Light

Calluna Regular


CartoGothic Std

Charis SIL


Dejavu Sans

Dejavu Serif




Euro Sans Pro

Fertigo Pro

Fontin Sans

Galatia SIL

Gallette Medium

Gentium Basic

Goudy Bookletter 1911



Mentone Semi Bold


Mr Jones Book

Museo 300

Museo Sans 500

Museo Slab 500

Nadia Serif

Oblik Bold

Otari Bold Limited

Phoenica Std

Prociono Regular

PT Sans Regular



Theano Didot Regular


Tertre Extra Bold

And there you go, 42 high quality free fonts for your future web design projects. Found your favorite(s) yet?

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