Winners of “Professional Web Design” e-Book Giveaway

If you’ve participated in our last week’s "Professional Web Design" e-book giveaway, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Without further do, here are our 20 lucky winners, in no particular order.

Our 20 Winners!

  1. youyouk
  2. Anand
  3. Avinash Sonee
  4. Monie
  5. Corey
  6. Jared Thompson
  7. Goob
  8. Alex Franco
  9. Mundi
  10. Marian
  11. Gilberto Ramos
  12. Marc
  13. R Zaman
  14. Aldrin
  15. Yonius
  16. Monika
  17. Jason Weng
  18. Herbert Mühlburger
  19. Cesar Raymond Santos
  20. Björn

Congratulation guys. You’ll be receiving an e-mail notification together with the e-book attached soon.

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