Thorn in My Side

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Thorn in My Side

There are many things I will never understand, or rather sympatize with, when it comes to Christianity. Its advocacy of suffering and self-sacrifice is one major tenet (among others) I deeply disagree with. According to my philosophy, one should strive for happiness through the pursuit of ones own values. If there is anything worthy of our worship, it is the best within ourselves and others around us – not the sacrifice of happiness or a life in agony. It is my firm belief that life is not meant to be sacrificed. It is meant to be lived.

This having been said, I can enjoy churches even though I am an anti-theist. This photo was shot inside Torshälla kyrka, i.e. the church in Torshälla, a minor locality outside Eskilstuna in Sweden. The altarpiece was made by Axel Törneman, a fitting name since "törne" is Swedish for "thorns". Jesus is wearing a crown of thorns, and Christian morality is a thorn in my side. Nevertheless, I am content with this shot.

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