7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

As the web design and technology continues to improve, the “Coming Soon” page is really more than just an ordinary white page with men-at-work icon or under-construction sign.

design coming soon page

Not only it’s a landing page that hints visitors about the up-coming website or web services, it is also used by designers and web masters to increase the level of anticipations as well as collecting data of interested users by inserting a “notify me when launch” subscription button.

Today we’d like to show you different types of "Coming Soon" page design with some examples along the way. We hope you will find it useful and be inspired.

What exactly is a "Coming Soon" page?

Like we’ve mentioned earlier: If your “Coming Soon” page is only a static white page with some under construction icon, you are missing out a lot.

When visitors land on a coming soon page, chances are they’ll never return again if the page is lack of information about the service or the future launch date. A properly designed “Coming Soon” page not only pushes the anticipation to a higher level, it also keep visitors in the loop by getting them to subscribe to the news update.

7 Types of "Coming Soon" Pages

If you are a webmaster, you might know very well that the older the domain is, the more advantage you can get for your SEO success. How if you have purchased the domain, but you got nothing to publish yet? That’s when “Coming Soon” page comes in, to tell visitor everything about your site, and grab this chance to get something from them.

“Coming Soon” page is not just about the site that’s getting to launch, it can also be used during site revamp or maintenance. Many of you might be curious about why “Coming Soon” page is minimalistic and somehow, too simple, as it’s because designer doesn’t want to put much effort on a temporary page, also the simpler the design, the better the focus.

1: Explains the site

The biggest use of the “Coming Soon” page is to tell visitor what’s all about your site and what they can expect when your site is launched. You can use either few paragraphs or sentences to introduce your site or estimated date it would be launched, just be noted that you don’t need to be talkative enough to put everything possible into it until the lengthy introduction scared or bored your visitor.

Unless you want to use the curiosity to get visitor subscribed your site, try to use comprehensive words based on your preferred language. English should be the best language as most of us recognize it, but you can use any language as long as it suits your site language or targeted user.

Once visitor knows more about your site, they are more likely to bookmark your site or sign up a subscription to welcome the launching day.

  • Anipals
    Anipals introduces you the world’s foremost social network for pet lover. It also take its introduction to explain the function of the coming site like upload photos of your pet or share everything interesting with other pet lover.
    anipals 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • ChirpTracker
    ChirpTracker explains itself as the best way to connect with bird lover, and describes what you can do with other birders when the site is launched.
    chirptracker 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • All System Go Computer Consulting
    A traditional list style introduction which gives a clear overview on what you can expect from All System Go Computer Consulting, this type of introduction comes useful when you offer various kind of service.
    all system go computer consulting 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Lilly”s Table
    More than introducing features directly, Lilly’s Table tells us how we can spice up our cooking life with their seasonal recipes and coordinated shopping lists.
    lillys table 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Fokus Creative
    This brain child of Sean Farell has a very well and comprehensive introduction about its purpose, location and what they are doing for the site.
    fokus creative 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Enstore
    Not only telling you that it would change your way on running online store, Enstore emphasizes its quality in introduction of Checkout, the Award-winning Mac Point of Sale system.
    enstore 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • UberLoops
    UberLoops interests us by offering itself as a cool place to download music loops, beats and other music goods. It also provides downloads, which gives a very good impression for what they would offer in future.
    uberloops 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Unblaboratory
    Unblaboratory wins a good impression by stating their hard work on building useful applications that would protect us from the ever increasing epidemic of blab in email.
    unblaboratory 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Feedore
    Feedore tells you directly that it would be the best RSS reader on the planet, while they provide a status showing about they are in private alpha right now.
    feedore 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Zombie Corp
    Despite of telling us that they enjoy human flesh, Zombie Corp introduces itself as blog and magazine maker, with a little mention about their work.
    zombie corp 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Gigdom
    Gigdom, a job community on the web is stating they should be in open beta soon.
    gigdom 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Get On With It
    3 words are enough to let everyone knows that Get On With It is all about social software development.
    get on with it 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

2: Encourage Subscription

All you want to do after introducing your site is to get your visitor subscribed it. Subscription not only increases the chance of revisit, it boosts your subscriber number. You can never imagine how aggressively your subscriber number would grow by putting a simple subscription box on the “Coming Soon” page, especially when visitors are curious about your site.

There are various design for subscription form, but most of them are a rounded square box with a subscribe button that contains any word, simple and clear.

Most “Coming Soon” page with introduction contains subscription form as an option for visitor to receive an update. So it’s very clear that telling the visitor what they can expect is the most effective way you can persuade them to subscribe your site for the update. Just remember that in any form of subscription, don’t spam your subscriber.

  • Hello Rent
    The centered colorful subscription box is very attractive to grab visitor’s full attention in Hello Rent’s “Coming Soon” page.
    hello rent 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Birdboxx
    Birdboxx, the holiday and vacation rental site is calling rental owners to sign up their subscription form and get ready when the site is about to launch.
    birdboxx 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Better Blogger
    How to be a professional blogger? Better Blogger has some tips and lessons about it, and the big ‘Sign Up’ button really did a good job to attract you for a subscription.
    better blogger 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Upstate Design Collective
    Having a site name that we can know what it’s about, Upstate Design Collective wants to notify us its launch and other cool stuff happens there, just after our subscription.
    upstate design collective 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • ChartVote
    Want to be the first to discover new music on ChartVote? Subscription makes it all possible.
    chartvote 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Heeled
    Heeled, a shoe shopping heaven offers you a subscription so you can be the first to get skinned up when the site launches.
    heeled 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

3: Keep Visitors Updated via Social Networks

As social network plays an essential role in marketing your site, you probably want to spend your time other than your design work on social network like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

In this case, placing some linked social network icon allows you to build your social network kingdom even your site is not yet launched. Linking to social network like DeviantArt also allows visitor to visit your portfolio or current work, which directly increase their interest on your coming new site.

  • Shabith Ishan
    Knowing the importance of social network, Shabith Ishan focuses more on getting the visitor to get in touch with his social network like Twitter and DeviantArt.
    shabith ishan 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Kiss The Dee Jay
    While we know this is a DJ’s personal site, she invites us to keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook..
    kiss the dee jay 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Zenbou
    As Zenbou provides an unclear introduction to tell what they’re currently doing, they invite us to follow their Twitter feed to understand what actually the team is doing.
    zenbou 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Pepsay
    Pepsay, a social flava that tells you to get ready to have your say, sing a song and play it, provides Facebook and Twitter link to follow up them until it’s launched.
    pepsay 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Wisata Urban
    Powered by Funethic, Wisata Urban is preparing itself to become a blogazine that generates interesting article and reviews for your travelling ideas inside the city Indonesia. The good thing before its launch is, you can get the site update by follow their Facebook and Twitter.
    wisata urban 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

4: Provide Useful Contacts

If you’re launching consulting or shopping site, contact would be the key role for your successful sales conversion. Any contact method like store location, email address or phone number is suitable, just make sure you can really be reached with these methods.

  • Creative Decor
    As it might be a design agency, Creative Decor lets you know its location, P.O.BOX and telephone number for new project request and consultation.
    creative decor 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Kreaville
    Kreaville, the small independent creative media agency with a lot of professional skill is ready to serve you, just grab the address and phone number from the page.
    kreaville 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Tamedo
    Tamedo, a web solution site that tells you how to reach them with given email, phone number and Twitter ID.
    tamedo 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Mindsource
    Besides introduction about new technology, Mindsource are interested to contact with anyone who likes to know more about their services and seeking solutions by their email and mobile numbers.
    mindsource 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

5: Beta Testing Invitations

If you are a team that builds up the web-based application or interactive site, then your visitor can be your precious tester for the site. Simply drop down a subscription and make a calling, anyone who passes by could possibly be your future tester.

  • RecallCast
    RecallCast guarantees itself as an easy way to ensure that you and your family keep on top of recalled foods, drugs and product. The site offers the private beta to trade with your email address.
    recallcast 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Minuteglass
    Web or graphic designer might be interested with Minuteglass, a completely fresh approach to time tracking, and they just need your name and email address to get you started with their test.
    minuteglass 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Shift
    Shift, a great new Mac app building team is inviting you to join their testing by sending your email through the box.
    shift 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

6: Product Marketing

Followed with introduction and contact, you can offer your product that visitor might be interested with. Of course, your page design should be persuasive enough to encourage visitor to take a view on your product.

  • Luke”s Beard
    As a graphic designer, Luke’s Beard offers print sales for visitor, which is very persuasive as the “Coming Soon” page is extremely beautiful and well-designed.
    lukes beard 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • WPSmash
    ‘Closed for technical works’ means ‘a better site would be coming soon’, WPSmash offers visitor to visit their theme’s demo and hope to get some sales from it.
    wpsmash 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

7: Create Curiosity

Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity. It’s the thing that kills both cat and human. You can properly do some viral marketing by design a “Coming Soon” page without any introduction but may be, an interesting graphic or icon.

It’s better to put a contact or subscription form in the page, as we don’t easily bookmark a site without knowing anything. And it would be even better if you promise that you won’t spam.

  • Foundation Six
    I don’t know the F6 other than my keyboard button, but it looks nice to trade my email for a launch surprise. Curiosity works.
    foundation six 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • UoOo
    What I can expect is a TV site. UoOo did a good job on using informational icon that let us guess that it might be a TV site, and gave us a very promising subscription offer, well at least I know they won’t spam me.
    uooo 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • SpaceRabbit
    Who knows it might be the first web application that takes us to space? Besides its curious design, SpaceRabbit encourages us to be the first one to find out what it would be by newsletter subscription.
    spacerabbit 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

  • Tiny Speck
    Nicely phrased introduction without letting people to know anything but raise their curiosity. ‘We did rather die than spamming anyone’? Sounds like it’s safe to sign up for a test.
    tiny speck 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

    I guess it’s a music site, why don’t I just sign up while they’re still in the sound check? CHKCHKBOOM stimulates music lover’s curiosity to subscribe their update.
    chkchkboom 7 Types of “Coming Soon” Page Design (With Examples)

Additional tip: Be Friendly with SEO
Friendly speaking, you should make your “Coming Soon” page SEO-friendly. Avoid spamming or applying any black hat SEO trick like Cloaking on “Coming Soon” page, or the domain would be banned by search engine even before it’s launched. Keep the good SEO habit, then you would have a successful page to go.


Simple, creative and informative are keys for successful “Coming Soon” page design. While you keep these golden rules for all great site, try to get something from visitor, or offer something that surely makes some buzz before the site is launched.

If you got extra idea for “Coming Soon” page design, or you have stumble upon an interesting design and probably want to share with us, be sure to drop a comment!

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