Portland Aerial Tram Terminal at the Kohler Pavilion – HDR

David Gn Photography ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Portland Aerial Tram Terminal at the Kohler Pavilion - HDR

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This picture was shot on a tripod with five exposures (-4..-2..0..+2..+4EV). I used Photomatix to create the HDR with tone mapping and detail enhanced. I increased the overall saturation with Hue/Saturation in Photoshop. Curve adjustment to increase the overall contrast. 1 layer mask to increase color and contrast for the sky. 1 layer mask in soft mode at 50%, using brush tool to lighten and darken some areas of the image, to bring out details. Used Nik Sharpener Pro to sharpen image.

Decided to drive up to Oregon Health & Science University Campus to shoot. It was a nice day. Mount Hood and Mount Helens were in clear view. I will be posting the views I saw up there in the next few uploads. Presented in full HDR!

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