High skies

Eva und Michael ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

High skies

featured here: strongblackcoffee.net/2010/05/high-skies/

It was the second of September 2006, just after lunch on top of P. di Cassino Bagio (2621 meters).

Wolfi and I had been been up to the central alps, into the Piansecco area in Switzerland, an area with beautiful, slabby granite.

There, we had climbed a 10 pitch route called Picadillo di Bedretto, all in all about 420 meters. The base of the climb is already at 2330 meters, and the thin air didn’t make the climbing any easier.

After enjoying the view from the top and taking some pictured (this shot was taken with my mobile phone camera), we rapped down eight times and found ourselves back at the foot of the cliff.

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