The Village of Laupahoehoe

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The Village of Laupahoehoe

I found this spot by accident on our way back home for the night. We were driving along the top of a cliff by the sea when I spotted a massive rainbow! My father in law saw it too but the my wife and mother in law didn’t believe there was one. So we took a sharp right down some one lane road to find it and suddenly we couldn’t turn around. We just had to go to bottom and come back up because it was so narrow. That road led us to the historic village of Laupahoehoe which means “leaf lava,” for the leaf shaped lava around the coastline. In 1946 the village was struck by 4 major waves by a tsunami that completely wiped out this village. The school building was hit the hardest and 20 students and four teachers drowned in the ocean from being swept out by the wave. Some surviving students were found days later still treading water in the ocean.<br />

I think HDR is the only good way to capture a rainbow. The camera’s sensor freaks out at the sight of one, so to capture it you would have to drastically underexpose the scene to capture the light from the rainbow. Which renders the entire scene (except the rainbow) as extremely dark or pure black. This image was a beast to process, as the HDR process brought in a tone of hazy yellow light around the rainbow. I had to get pretty creative to bring back in the blue sky around the rainbow itself. This is quickly becoming one my favorites, I hope you agree 🙂

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