Made in America Store

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Made in America Store

Mark Andol, owner of the Made in America Store here in Buffalo, asked me if I would photograph his store front for some promotional ideas. His store opened April 3rd and it’s already garnered a ton of media attention as well as customers because of what it stands for in the current state of our economy. He liked this image so much that he plans on incorporating it somehow into an interview he’s scheduled to do tomorrow night around 6pm on FOX. Hopefully, if he doesn’t get bumped. 😉 Here’s a link to an interview he did Easter Sunday morning on FOX & Friends.

Three auto-bracketed shots in RAW (-2, 0 +2 EV) then converted to HDR and tonemapped in Photomatix Pro using Details Enhancer. Light smoothing set to high.

– Added a layer mask of curves to lighten the store front then another curves layer for contrast.
– Added a layer mask of saturation/vibrance for the sky
– Added a layer mask of burn to darken up the asphalt
– Added a layer for the flag set at 20% opacity
– Hit it with Topaz DeNoise4 then sharpened with high pass filter at 2.5

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