Fondren Library at Golden Hour

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Fondren Library at Golden Hour

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From About Fondren Library:

W. W. and Ella Fondren began their family’s association with SMU in 1919. Their gift of Humble Oil stock shares in 1935 funded the construction of the Fondren Library. It was completed in 1940 and had most of the characteristics of a library building of that period.

By 1968, Fondren Library, with the largest collection on campus housing materials in the humanities, social sciences and business, had already outgrown its original walls. Once again through the generosity of the Fondren Family and Foundation along with federal assistance as authorized through the Higher Education Facilities Assistance Act, the library was enlarged by a four floor addition to the east end of the building. The west end of the original Fondren Library now houses the DeGolyer Library of Special Collections.

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