My last wide angle shot for a while

Austinitecowboy ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

My last wide angle shot for a while

My Tamron 10-24mm broke just before that shot. I got the infamous Err01. Fortunately it’s only a few months old, I still have warranty, it seems to be a common error and I don’t have a need for wide angle shots within the next few weeks, so I will bring it back to the shop today to see what they say.

If you wonder why I took this photo even though the lense broke before the shot: I was able to loosen then lense from the body, so it was not screwed tight to the body.

About the photo: It’s a real HDR generated from 6 RAW captures. I had tried to capture rapeseed photos for the last few years, but I always drove by the fields and ended up forgetting to take a photo. Last week, I went to explore the fields next to where I live and I found this field.

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