Not Lenin

visualideas ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Not Lenin

So, this is not Vladimir Lenin. We’ve established that. We know who it isn’t. What we don’t know is who it actually is. Do we really care? Would the knowledge of this person’s identity make us happy or satisfied? Would it grant us inner peace and bliss until the end of time? Probably not. But I feel like rambling nonsense. I’ve just finished four consecutive examinations, which took me about 9 hours. Rambling nonsense is the only thing I’m good for right now.

It does look a bit like Lenin though, right? Perhaps I’m subconsciously interested in portrait photography, because I keep taking pictures of statues and whatnot. I guess you have to take what you can get. I don’t know anyone who likes being shot. With a camera, that is. Not with a semi-automatic rifle with armor piercing bullets. Go figure. Hm, what did I say again about rambling nonsense?

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