River Through Hoi An

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River Through Hoi An

Photo: River Through Hoi An

This photo was taken at dusk in a sleepy little town called Hoi An in central Vietnam (I tagged it on the map for you). It’s roughly a 30 minute taxi ride from DaNang Airport. This town was one of the most beautiful towns we visited in Vietnam, complete with french bakery’s plenty of pubs and only 5 minutes from China beach. The town is also known for all of its fantastic tailors. I beleive from the last word I had heard, is that they have well over 300 different tailor shops in this town (which pretty much makes up the whole town). The fiancee and I got plenty of clothes made which fit like a glove and the people were soooo nice here.

We only had the chance to spend about 3 days here, however if we ever go back to Vietnam (which we plan on) we will plan on staying here for at least a week or more. What a relaxing place this would be to live.

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