Junk Boat on Halong Bay

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Junk Boat on Halong Bay

Photo: Junk Boat on Halong Bay

This was taken from the Junk Boat we were staying on overnight, our seemed to be much bigger than some of the others which was probably a good thing. Halong Bay was so gorgeous and the water was always so beautiful, I wish I would have had a chance to jump in, but it was waaayy to cold to do so. And trust me, I have done polar dips before, but without having any hot shower or towel or anything to dry off and warm up with, I wasn’t about to do it…lol.

For those who would like to comment on the top right corner of this photo, I know, it was badly processed. I haven’t had a ton of time to work on photos this past week so I just wanted to get something up, and that part of the sky was being a huge pain in the butt. Oh well. I wanted to leave it there because cropping it down took out the scale of the karst limestone outcrops which is what I find so intriguing about this shot.

HDR: 1xp RAW

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