Bąkowiec Zamek – Polish Jura HDR

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Bąkowiec Zamek - Polish Jura HDR

The beginnings of the castle do not have a documented history. Perhaps the first wooden fortress built in the XIV century. Toporczykowie the name of the property who assumed the name of the Marine Sea. Probably they were knights, robbers for what King Wladyslaw the Elbow-high Marine took them and gave the village in 1327 years in the monastery Mstowie. In documents of this period did not mention whether there was a castle Morsko However, by analogy, one can assume that in times of Casimir the Great watch tower was built within the fortifications on the border of Silesia and Malopolska. It is also possible that the castle was built Duke Wladyslaw of Opole who at the end XIV century for a short time he was master of that area. The mention of the castle and its courtyard Bąkowcu Nicholas Arrow from 1390, is well known that the castle was then burgrave Peter Fox coat of arms, and in the years 1413-1434 bąkowiecki key belonged to John of Sieciechowic. In 1435 the castle along with the associated goods acquired with the Castellan Sacz Krystyn Koziegłów and his descendants. At the turn of XV and Sixteenth century Marine Włodkowie and they have assigned to build a new stone castle. Mentions this in his document 1531 year, when it was owned by Piotr Zborowski. Then passed into the possession of the family Brzeg, followed by the hands of family Giebułtowskich.<br />

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