Guard your heart…

robert.gordon ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Guard your heart...

Shot my buddy Greg who has some awesome tats and does MMA, really like the lighting and how these came out, more to come form this series. Please tell me what you think, if you fav please comment. I am also in the processing of launching my new blog and website so please visit and become a fan on facebook thanks!

Strobist: 2 ab800’s back left and right for rim and 1 ab1600 into 47” octabox slightly higher than camera axis left. Used a nikon 17-24mm 2.8

HDR background by Stuck in Custom’s Trey Ratcliff.
Please do not save, redistribute, copy or disassemble this photograph without my express permission.

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p.s. Joel Grimes ain’t got nothing on this.

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