‘What are you looking at’, Thailand, Bangkok, Emerald Palace

WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com) ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

'What are you looking at', Thailand, Bangkok, Emerald Palace

‘One night in Bangkok makes the hard man humble’, are the lyrics of a well known 80’s song dedicated to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s not easy to describe this city in words or even photographs. If I had to pick one place that would define exotic, it would have to be Bangkok. Maybe it’s the orange surreal sunsets, the ancient temples and statues, Buddhism, the people, the bustle of the city or just the plain heat getting to your head. This city will forever tantalize me.

Bangkok is extremely chaotic. There’s little rhyme or reason to why a bridge is here, when the next train will arrive or what caused a market to be located at a certain point. With all the chaos in this large metropolitan area also comes a rhythm that seems to work almost seamlessly. It’s hard to find both the energy and harmony this city has anywhere else in the world.

The temple in the photo is Wat Phro. It’s one of the many temples in downtown Bangkok that is full of golden Buddhas, demon like statues and vibrant white walls surrounding the temple.

You can follow my travels at www.LostManProject.com if you’re interested. I’m currently in Phnom Penh and absolutely loving Cambodia. Cheers.

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