Castlewood Canyon 2

ryelk ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Castlewood Canyon 2

2nd in the series, looking the other way. right over the edge where the people are standing are the falls which i wish i could have shot but it was way too sketchy trying to get down there. it wasn’t that cool anyway since the water level was so low but hey, anything for hdr

Tripod-mounted 5 exposure shot (-2.6, -1.3, 0, 1.3, 2.6 EV)

Pentax K-7, 12-24mm DA lens set at 12mm

Processed in Photomatix Pro 3.2

Post-Processed in Photoshop CS4:
Imagenomic Noiseware
1 layer Levels
1 layer Curves
1 layer Hue/Saturation on Blue channel
Nik Color Efex Pro 3.2 (Pro Contrast, Skylight Filter, Glamour Glow)
Nik Sharpener Pro 3.0

Final tweaks in Lightroom 2.6

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