Device to Root Out Evil – Dennis Oppenheim

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Device to Root Out Evil - Dennis Oppenheim

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I took the day off work yesterday and went for a decent photowalk downtown early in the morning. I got a few really cool shots of the new Palliser South building which I’ll share next week, but today I want to show you all an awesome outdoor art installation in Ramsey. This piece is called "Device to Root Out Evil" by Dennis Oppenheim. Until a couple of years ago the piece was in Vancouver, but it was brought out to Calgary by the Glenbow Museum and placed in a small grassy area in Ramsey (just off Spiller Road on 24th Ave). The clouds were just awesome when I showed up there yesterday morning so I had a ton of fun shooting this amazing piece of art. I hope you like the finished product below…I’ll probably share a couple more shots in the future.

The details: 3 exposure HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, Lightroom for contrast and clarity, Noiseware for noise reduction.

Oh, I have to throw out a hat tip to Chelsey over at Wishing Star Photography who brought this cool piece of art to my attention. Thanks Chelsey!


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