Contest: Do Flash Contents Suck? Comment and Win

Flash lovers and haters, we’d like to seek your opinion on Flash – Flash content and it’s future. Comment in and win yourself a 1-year subscription to BannerSnack – high quality flash banner maker, or simply just to voice your opinion.

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The video above is a comic strip created in Flash (with BannerSnack) about a debate on Flash between a designer and a programmer.

If you are a designer, developer or rich media content creator, you’ve probably heard or participate in discussions and debate about the latest argument on the technology of web publishing – Flash vs HTML5. Things become more intense when Apple make public announcement that they are not going to include Flash in any of their product after claiming Flash is buggy and unstable. Adobe of course, has stood firm on their ground and fight back.

Try Googling for "Flash vs HTML5" you should be able to find yourself some really interesting read. And here are just to name a few:

What do you think?

Can these two co-exist or is HTML5 going to totally replace Flash? What’s the future for Flash? We’d like to know about your love and hate for Flash (Flash content and Flash banners).

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.


This post-come-contest is collaboration with BannerSnack, an online service that helps you create Flash banners on the fly without any software. We’ll pick 3 of the best commentators and send you a 1 year free subscription of BannerSnack.

Contest starts today and ends 2nd July, 2010. Good luck.

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