My Time

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My Time

One of the reasons that most of the images posted on this site are at sunrise is because this is the time I allow myself to take pictures. In other words, it’s the most opportune part of the day for "me" time and I spend it taking pictures.

It just so happens that the the time just before, during and just after sunrise is my favorite time of day. There might be a chicken and egg thing here in that it may be my favorite because it’s the time I have, but I don’t look at it that way. <br />

There’s something about connecting with the non-people part of the world. The stillness and calm that exists before the hustle and bustle of the work day starts. The beginning of the day. The blue shade everything is prior to the sun coming up. The wildlife that stirs before everything else. The warmth of the sun as it breaks on the horizon.

One of the beauties of this time, especially for photographers, is the color at first light. Orange, yellow and blue in the sky and the richness they provide to anything they touch. It brings color and life to objects that were cold and dull prior to the light showing up.

This light also brings long, soft shadows that make for great silhouettes and help define the objects in our world. Things that would not even be noticed at high noon, when the light is high and bright and the shadows are harsh and edgy.

Look at the boat windows in today’s image. Look at the color from the sun that would not be there during the day when the sun is over head and very bright – they would likely be dark and hard to see in to. With this light, however, you can zoom in and see details to the windows and feel the warmth of the day glowing through them.

I realize that there’s not much in the windows themselves, but the whole image exudes calm and comfort! This image was taken at Afton Marina in Afton, MN, with an aperture of f5.6, a 1/400 shutter, an ISO of 100, and a focal length of 39mm.

Thanks for letting me share My Time with you.

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