Iconic Reflection in Palliser South

yycofee ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Iconic Reflection in Palliser South

Anyone who has been to Calgary knows that the most iconic building (to date) is, of course, the Calgary Tower. Although not the tallest tower in the city, its distinctive shape and red cap make it instantly recognizable. While walking back to my car from work a few weeks ago I noticed that on a clear day the Calgary Tower produces an almost full reflection of itself in the new Palliser South building…I instantly knew that I had to come back with my camera to capture the scene. Conveniently, the deadline for the 2010 Buildex Calgary Photo Competition was swiftly approaching and I wanted a couple extra photos to enter. So on my downtown photowalk a couple weeks ago I made sure to capture this really cool scene…hope you like it!

The details: 3 exposure HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, Lightroom for catalogue, color, contrast, clarity, Noiseware for noise control.


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