Silent Weaver

ukloremyhart {Rhythm of Colours} ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Silent Weaver

This is Jeffrey and he is a mute. Despite this Jeffrey is very skilled in weaving fishing nets.He is regarded as the master weaver in his area. He learned to weave the fishing net by himself when he was very young . He is one of the few people who is truly capable of, and continues this art and fine piece of work.Jeffrey is by nature very simple and humble person. The age of machines has truly affected his work and on his own way he says " i don’t give a damn". Silently he keeps on weaving all day long.
Few words on the processing, this is a single image HDR or rather known as pseudo HDR. I wanted to take multiple shots on his pose but it was very difficult to communicate with him. Its toned mapped in Photomatix and enhancement is done using Topaz Detail which is a photoshop plug-in and is very cool. The best thing is, its very easy to use and you can see the effects in real time.


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