Cactus: Transition to HDR (0879)

Etamar Laron ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Cactus: Transition to HDR (0879)

An example of how an HDR/MDR can highlight nuances and minor artifacts on a relatively plain photo. In this example, the original photo is at the bottom, at from 1/4 height to 3/4 height a transition takes place to Fattal filter HDR, which continues at 100% from the 3/4 to the top.

HDR is not always the way to go. It is strong for revealing detail that is otherwise concealed, hidden or exists in the shade. It can be disastrous for portraiture photography, for example. But it also depends on which HDR filters are applied. The Fattal algorithm, used here, is strong for contrasting detail in short proximity – that is – it makes parts of the picture more pronounced in relation to their nearest area.

Some other HDR filters may be better suited. For example, the Reinhard algorithm will smooth out, rather than highlight local differences. Selecting the right HDR filter is an equally alternative to ditching HDR altogether, if one algorithm fails to give good results in one situation.

Our model cactus grows on a roundabout in Kibbutz Magal

Magal, May 2010
HDR Post-processing

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