Amish Country Landscape

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Amish Country Landscape

Photographed is one of the random roads at Lancaster, Pennsylvania with an Amish farm in the background. I just went on an aimless drive this evening towards Lancaster hoping to get some shots of the Amish farm.

I turned in all roads that I felt like, with no destination in mind. After about an hour of enjoying the drive and identifying places to shoot (maybe on a sunny day, as today was so cloudy), I saw this farm with the pinkish sun setting slowly in the background. I stopped my car, peered out and pondered for a moment, as it was slightly drizzling. Thought I should do some justice to the one hour drive. So, I setup the tripod and fired a few shots. I liked a couple of them, will post in the coming days.

This is an HDR processed using Photomatix and Gimp.

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