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Danley at Daybreak

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Danley at Daybreak

The Danley Bridge crosses Robinson Fork of Wheeling Creek, it utilizes the Queenpost design, The length of the structure is 39 feet and the width is 11 feet 10 inches. The year and the builder is unkown. It is open to vehicular traffic, the weight limit is 3 tons. The bridge is owned and maintained by the county.

The Danley is located along a gravel towm ship road in hidden valley of Washington County.The bridge is covered with vertical plank siding on both the sides and portals, and has a sheet metal gable roof. It also has a plain box-like appearance that is painted barn red inside and out. The Danley also has a deck of crosswise planking, and two rectanular windows on each side, as well as the typical eave openings. The Bridge rests on stone-and-motar wingwalls on one end and concrete wingwalls on the other side. The deck is also supported with two sets of wooden timbers that rest in the streambed. It is thought that this bridge and others like it, were the handiwork of local carpenters.

The timbers in the Queenpost Truss construction of the bridge are all sawed, which indicates the date of the bridge’s construction is-post 1860. Records indicate it was closed temporarily between 1996 and 2000 for restoration.
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