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Swiftcurrent Lake Dock

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Swiftcurrent Lake Dock

Day 6: Grinnell Glacier Trail After two previous venture into the Many Glacier area were washed out (or snowed out), we finally decided that, weather be damned, we couldn’t wait any more. The Grinnell Glacier Trail sounded good to us because if it turned out the trail was still under snow, there were many other trails in the Swiftcurrent/Lake Josephine valley, and we could backtrack to one of them.

This shot is from the southern end of Swiftcurrent Lake, at the opposite end from the Many Glacier Hotel. During the high season, I understand, boats will ferry people across the lake. But nothing was open when we were there, including the hotel, since early June is still too early.

That little patch of blue sky there was the last we’d see all day.

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