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Baker Beach

Watson Lu ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Baker Beach

I’ve been lazy with pictures… once again but anyways last Wednesday I went to Baker Beach which is in San Francisco there is a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge but there are 10,000 pictures of the Golden Gate bridge from the baker beach shore on Flickr so I thought it was a little boring. I decided to turn my head and take a picture of the other side of the shore.

Anyways I went to baker with Heather, I didn’t know it was a nude beach until I got there because I haven’t been there since I was like 10 and at that time I didn’t notice. Anyways while we were at the beach we realized we had to go back to Petaluma for work at like 4:45 so we only got to spend about 30 minutes at the beach before we left to get some food on Clemente Street. Food was dank son, we ended up being like 45 minutes late for work….oops? There was lots of traffic and my gas light turned on going through Novato, YES.

Exif: HDR (3 Exposures)
Bracketing +/- 2/3

Middle Exposure

Have a nice day (:

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