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Tempe City Hall, Tempe Arizona

Alex Sommers ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Tempe City Hall, Tempe Arizona

This award-winning and unusual building was completed in 1970. It serves as municipal offices for the City of Tempe. It first opened for business in 1971. Its unique shape was designed to conserve energy by allowing less light into the building. It was designed by Michael and Kemper Goodwin, Tempe architects. In 1971, it received an award of excellence from the American Institute of Steel Construction, and in 1972 received an award of merit from the Western Mountain Region of the American Institute of Architects.

The building a good example of a unique style of architecture built in 1970. The "upside down pyramid" as it is commonly referred to is unique in structure and not common
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6 exposure HDR blended in Photomatix, and then adjusted in cs5 and topaz

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