When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?

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When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?

"During wars, moral and spiritual foundations are liable to be undermined and people tend to be permissive. They abandon God’s laws and government laws. In Lebanon when militiamen dominated, the government was dissolved. A state of chaos and complete confusion emerged. The foundations were destroyed. In a situation like this what can the righteous do?

Learning from our situation the righteous can prove that He is the foundation when moral and spiritual foundations are destroyed. The Christian is the law in the absence of law, and he is the conscience of the nation when morals deteriorate. The example of Christ is reflected in our lives in humanity’s darkest hours. Christ is the light of the world, and we should let Him shine through us.<br />

When foundations are destroyed the righteous should not stand still. He must rebuild what is destroyed. Our call is not just to stand by and observe the destruction. Our call is to share in building up whatever is destroyed, especially in the moral and spiritual realm. What if what we have rebuilt is destroyed again? The righteous should be determined to build it again and again and again."

– Ghassan Khalaf from Lebanon. Amidst bombings and destruction, Brother Khalaf faithfully visited victims of war to encourage them in their faith.

Even more disturbing is that moral decay is happening at an astonishing pace even within a "peaceful" climate. Corruption, fanaticism with is many faces, relativism, the downplay of evil..ending with a severed paralyzed concience. Just this week…there was a case where the school bus driver raped a child in the bus, in full view of the other kids…and today one of the richest politicians gets charged, denies any corrupt wrongdoing…of course.. and we all know how the local courts will deal with this.
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