The Kav (Pat) ha aggiunto una foto al pool:


I am not too sure on where to start or how to explain this image.

It is an OOB (Out of Bounds) image.

That be me holding the fake picture frame with a sweet red rod recently seen at the Street Wheelers event in Lethbridge Alberta (Canada).

How it was done…

1. The picture of me was taken in my backyard. I triggered my camera by remote to get me holding my hands in this position….holding nothing but air. When done I cropped around my body with a transparent background.<br />

2. If you look closely you will see two angles of this rod, one from the back and the other from the front. The original processing was done in HDR with the help of the Photomatix program.

3. I made the black frame and with the center of it transparent so that I could slide an image behind it.

I resized my body to fit the approximate size of the car. The tone and brightness of my body had to be adjusted to fit the sunny car surroundings.

The inner picture holding the front view of the car shows my shirt and arm around the car…kind of like a see through frame.

I applied a Topaz Adjustment to the entire image to get some more sharpnes and jump out of the various layers.

When I do one of these OOB images they take on a life of their own with one thought leading to another and to another to where I end up with an image that is nowhere near where it started. In this case…the frame I am holding was going to be a huge Blowfly insect.

Hope you like it…..but, I am glad it is done!

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