Longwood Plantation

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Longwood Plantation

The Plantation, also known as Nutt’s Folly, whose construction began in the 1860s, is certainly a unique looking plantation building. Rather than the usual Greek Revival style that was so popular in the South during that era, the builder chose to create a multistory, octagonal, Oriental Revival style. The house is six stories tall and has a large byzantine styled dome. Samuel Sloan, a Philadelphia architect, designed the home in 1859 for cotton planter Dr. Haller Nutt. Work was halted in 1861 at the start of the American Civil War. Dr Nutt died of pneumonia in 1864, leaving the work incomplete. Of the thirty-two rooms planned for the house, only nine rooms on the basement floor were completed. Longwood is the largest octagonal house in the United States. View large on black

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