The Red Line of Miami’s Night Sky.

xynn tii imagery. ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

The Red Line of Miami's Night Sky.

➥ Eyecandy:

My Former Crush: 50 Biscayne

Yea, I was pretty high up, for Miami at least. 50 floors above the ground and looking south from Everglades on the Bay, you’ll receive this nice view of 50 Biscayne. It’s still relatively new as it opened to residents in 2008. The color palette used within this tower’s exterior design is excellent and really stands out during the day and at night. I dimmed the surrounding towers, making them less distracting.

I can’t decide for sure which directional view I like best in dwntwn Miami. My condo balcony looks out west to the city, as planes touchdown at Miami Int’l. But the east view is just as great, especially at night. The beach is always spotlighted from the distance, making it viewable from the dwntwn area. So majestic and easy on the eyes, I really look forward to its progression. Future hurricanes better play nice!

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