60 Beautiful Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers

Minimal art is known for its simplicity in both form and content, where individual expression is isolated in order to achieve effective minimal art. Minimal Art emerged as a movement in the 1950s and continued all throughout the 1960′s and 1970′s. And now we see it flourishing all over the art industries, especially the graphic design industry.

preview 60 Beautiful Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers

The purpose of Minimalism is basically to allow the viewers or the audience to experience the artwork more intensely without all the distractions of the composition, the theme, the organization and so on.

In this article, we will take a closer look at minimal graphic design that has been implemented on desktop wallpapers. And because we all like to customize our personal computers, below are 60 awesome minimalistic wallpapers just for you to download and perhaps even get a little inspiration to create your own!

One Thing Minimal Wallpaper. Includes 1024×640 resolution. (by RMNMD)
One Thing Minimal Wallpaper by RMNMD

Wooden Noir Wallpaper Pack. Includes 17 resolutions from 640×480 to 2560×1600, including iPhone wallpapers. (by Shod4n)
Wooden Noir Wallpaper Pack by Shod4n

Cloud Minimal. Includes 1920×1200 resolution. (by Jan Krogh)
Cloud Minimal by Jan Krogh

Dust. (by Deus Nova)
Dust by Deus Nova

Attaaack. Includes 1680×1050 resolution. (by McLetDown)
Attaaack by McLetDown

My Favorite Book. Includes 6576×4192 resolution. (by Matt Lowden)
My Favorite Book by Matt Lowden

IANE. Includes 3 resolutions: 1280×800, 1680×1050, and 1920×1200. (by Imrik)
IANE by Imrik

Pure Wall. Includes 11 different resolutions with iPad and iPhone versions. (by Heskin Radiophonic)
Pure Wall by Heskin Radiophonic

Type Veteran. Includes 1920×1358 resolution. (by Radu Ceuca)
Type Veteran by Radu Ceuca

Calmness. Includes 6 different resolutions from 1920×1200 to 1280×800. (by Akmal Ibn Marmoh)
Calmness by Akmal Ibn Marmoh

InDaClub. Includes 2 resolutions 1900×1200 and 1680×1050, as well as a free 150×150 .PSD pattern. (by Fred Perry)
InDaClub by Fred Perry

Flower Creature. Includes 1680×1050 resolution. (by SilkyLauper)
Flower Creature by SilkyLauper

Plus. Includes 1920×1080 resolution. (by Adam Leung)
Plus by Adam Leung

Elegance. Includes 8 resolutions from 1280×800 to 1920×1200 with iPad and iPhone versions. (by Adrian)
Elegance by Adrian

Soccer Field. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Sondre Stensbol)
Soccer Field by Sondre Stensbol

Also Calm. Includes 3 resolutions with widescreen, HTC Desire and iPhone versions. (by Mattias)
Also Calm by Mattias

Helvetica Wallpaper. Includes 1900×1200 resolution. (by Jeremy Paillotin)
Helvetica Wallpaper by Jeremy Paillotin

Bluri. Includes 14 resolutions with iPhone versions. (by Kris)
Bluri by Kris

Snacks. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Jess Neil)
Snacks by Jess Neil

Peace of Mind Minimal Wallpaper. Includes 1024×640 resolution. (by RMNMD)
Peace of Mind Minimal Wallpaper by RMNMD

AMustacheMen. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Jonathan Amoroso)
AMustacheMen by Jonathan Amoroso

The Egg Chair. Includes 1920×1200 resolution. (by David Vineis)
The Egg Chair by David Vineis

Way Far Out. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Nikos Giannakopoulos)
Way Far Out by Nikos Giannakopoulos

Spark. Includes 1920×1200 resolution. (by Nabhan Abdullatif)
Spark by Nabhan Abdullatif

Gumy Bokeh. Includes 8 different resolutions with iPhone versions. (by Philip Illgen)
Gumy Bokeh by Philip Illgen

Pacmate. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Yegor)
Pacmate by Yegor

Coco. Includes 1920×1200 resolution. (by Michelle Jinx)
Coco by Michelle Jinx

Charlies Shirt. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Rodrigo Muniz)
Charlies Shirt by Rodrigo Muniz

Precise. Includes 2 resolutions 1920×1200 and 1920×1080. (by Manav Bahl)
Precise by Manav Bahl

Ace Spades. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Michael Burrows)
Ace Spades by Michael Burrows

My Screen is Clean. Includes 2560×1600 and 1920×1200 resolutions with 6 colors. (by Matan B)
My Screen is Clean by Matan B

Follow The Leader. Includes 2048×1536 resolution. (by Jorge de la Mata)
Follow The Leader by Jorge de la Mata

You Cannot Pass. Includes 1024×768 resolution. (by Sebastian)
You Cannot Pass by Sebastian

Be A Rebel. Includes 1024×768 resolution. (by Sam)
Be A Rebel by Sam

The Best Ideas. Includes 3 resolutions 1920×1080, 1680×1050, and 1440×900. (by Shahrukh)
The Best Ideas by Shahrukh

Wallpaper Focus White. Includes 1680×1050 resolution. (by Kasukedo Gonpori)
Wallpaper Focus White by Kasukedo Gonpori

Grapefruit. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Jeremy Sallee)
Grapefruit by Jeremy Sallee

Web 2.0. Includes 2 resolutions 1920×1200 with the iPhone version. (by David B.)
Web 2.0 by David B.

Design Is…. Includes 1920×1200 resolution. (by Goergen)
Design Is by Goergen

He’s A Pixel. Includes 1280×1024 resolution. (by Vladislav Perge)
He's A Pixel by Vladislav Perge

I Love Minimalism Wallpaper. Includes 1680×1050 resolution. (by Chris)
I Love Minimalism Wallpaper by Chris

Minimal Joker. Includes 1600×1200 resolution. (by Andre Garrido)
Minimal Joker by Andre Garrido

Hot Vs. Cold. Includes 4 different resolutions with an iPhone version. (by Umar Irshad)
Hot Vs. Cold by Umar Irshad

Vivid 2. Includes 9 different resolutions. (by Alex L.)
Vivid 2 by Alex L.

Naer Wallpaper. Includes 5 different resolutions. (by Gravideo Interactive)
Naer Wallpaper by Gravideo Interactive

Plastic Exploding Circle 01. Includes 1440×900 resolution. (by Graphic Nothing)
Plastic Exploding Circle 01 by Graphic Nothing

Big Idea. Includes 11 different resolutions with iPhone version. (by Big-SB)
Big Idea by Big-SB

iGalax. Includes 3 different resolutions. (by JackieTran)
iGalax by JackieTran

Helvetica Grunge. Includes 1920×1200 resolution. (by Oliver Wilke)
Helvetica Grunge by Oliver Wilke

Loading Wallpaper. Includes many resolutions with 7 different colors. (by Umar Irshad)
Loading Wallpaper by Umar Irshad

On A Clean Slate. Includes 4 different resolution. (by Krisha)
On A Clean Slate by Krisha

Link It Up. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Justin Page)
Link It Up by Justin Page

My Desktop Is Simple. Includes 1600×1200 resolution. (by CajeFM)
My Desktop Is Simple by CajeFM

Lightbox Love. Includes 2560×1600 resolutions. (by Rohan Nanavati)
Lightbox Love by Rohan Nanavati

Bear Wallpaper. Includes 8 different resolutions with iPhone version. (by Michelle Jinx)
Bear Wallpaper by Michelle Jinx

Once You Pop. Includes 2560×1600 resolutions. (by TruminHaus)
Once You Pop by Trumin Haus

1972. Includes many different resolutions with iPhone version. (by Nikola Lazarevic)
1972 by Nikola Lazarevic

Lemonade Was Popular. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Scott Tolinski)
Lemonade Was Popular by Scott Tolinski

Hatch. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Daniel Pessoa DamnOmatic)
Hatch by Daniel Pessoa

Sleepy Jean. Includes 2560×1600 resolution. (by Somalia Jamall)
Sleepy Jean by Somalia Jamall

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