Texas Live Oak

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Texas Live Oak

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Canon EOS Rebel XSi, EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS, f8, ISO100, 18mm, HDR, 5 Exposures

One of the unsung heros of San Antonio is the Texas Live Oak. These trees are scattered all over the town and have the most unique shape, growing to be quite large and having branches that extend down towards the ground rather than reaching high into the air. The leaves are quite small, but plentiful, creating a greatly appreciated canopy shade from the 90+ temperatures and high humidity.

This particular oak was located in the square directly across from The Menger Hotel and The Alamo. You can really see just how much shade this tree can provide by looking at the shadow it casts on the ground in front of this gazebo. Many folks found this particular plaza to be a good rest stop on their way to and from the Riverwalk which was just another block to the West.

Just another reason to appreciate San Antonio. And Texas!

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