Moment to Myself – Silver Creek Falls Oregon

Jeff McNeill Photography ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Moment to Myself - Silver Creek Falls Oregon

Many of you asked for more of my Silver Creek Falls photos. So, here is another one.

I got up early Saturday morning and decided to head up to Silver Creek Falls.
Even though it was a wet, foggy, rainy day. I was able to get some great pictures. I felt like the wet pulled out all of the colors. It is so green. I will be going back this next weekend to try and get some fall colors.<br />

Silver Creek Falls is nestled in the lower elevation of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains lies a temperate rain forest. It is here that the Trail of ten falls canyon trail can be found. The Canyon Trail and the falls descend to a forest floor covered with ferns, mosses, and wildflowers. You will also find stands of Douglas fir, hemlock, and cedar. While thousands visit the park every year, it is large enough for you to find quiet places to sit and watch for birds

The Canyon Trail is a nationally recognized trail system that leads hikers along the banks of the north and south forks of Silver Creek. It takes you to 10 majestic waterfalls, ranging from the grand South Falls (177 feet), to the delicate Drake Falls (27 feet). Four of these falls have an amphitheater-like surrounding where you can walk behind the falls and feel the misty, crisp spray.

18 mm Focal length
1/60 shutter speed
Hoya Polarizing filter

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