Jimbo’s Place – Virginia Key, FL © 2010 Rui J. Teixeira-18.jpg

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Jimbo's Place - Virginia Key, FL © 2010 Rui J. Teixeira-18.jpg

Jimbo’s Place is a small fish restaurant, bar, and recreation venue at the end of Duck Lake Road on Virginia Key. According to Jimbo himself, he and a few others squatted the land before Biscayne National Park was established. Due to an old common law, Jimbo was allowed to stay on the land since he had been there for more than five years without any requests for him to leave. To this day, several squatters live there who support themselves by selling beer and smoked fish. Jimbo’s features a bocce ball court and a marina. A walk to the eastern extent of Jimbo’s reveals a view of the Atlantic Ocean and Fisher Island. Jimbo’s is an informal establishment, surrounded by Caribbean-style shacks, abandoned vehicles, washed-up boats and engine parts overrun by stray cats and chickens. Jimbo’s is known to many as one of the last refuges from the urban sprawl of Miami. The television series Flipper was filmed in part at Jimbo’s, and the sets stand to this day due to the cost of demolishing the used sets. The locale has been used as a set for many other movies and television shows. The bar and surrounding buildings feature artwork by noted area abstract artist Antonia Gerstacker. Source: Wikipedia

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