No Place Like Home

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No Place Like Home

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Canon EOS Rebel XSi, EF 50mm f1.8 II, f2.8, ISO100, 50mm, HDR, 5 Exposures

Be it ever so humble. The old brick building on the opposite side of the alley as may last two posts was at some point renovated and turned into an apartment building and a business for artists. The outside facade had been painted a drab yellow and a wheelchair ramp was put in. Instead of mummies creeping out of the windows, bars were put in to protect the inside belongings.<br />

In most cases, window bars do not make the most welcome decorations and do not give the feel of home. In order to offset this shortcoming, the residents of the building decided to decorate the bars and the window sills where they reside. Each window had a tree branch nestled against the bars, with flower buds facing out toward the street. There was also greenery laid out at the bottom of the sill to add some color.

There’s no doubt these decorations are fake as the harsh Minnesota winter would lay claim to any live plants, other than evergreens, living outside. Fake or not, it’s cool to see how people make every effort to make their home, no matter how humble it is, an inviting place to be and visit. The tenants could easily allow the facade of their building to fall pray to the graffiti artists like the building across the alley, but instead, they take steps, be it small ones, to make their building more presentable. Well, it is where the heart is.

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