Day 3 – High Force

Jessica Keating Photography ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Day 3 - High Force

Today was a nice day.

We had planned on getting to High Force for the morning but mum didn’t get to sleep until 5am so we left at 12 o’clock. It was a funny journey; when your instructions only have road numbers and the signs only have place names on, it makes driving a lot more difficult! We did get there though and had a lovely walk down to the waterfall with Inca (who was really well behaved considering she had never been in the car for as long before or been on a day out with us either!).

I took plenty of pictures and even got my old 18-55mm back to use my ND filter with to slow down my shutter speed enough for the waterfall. I’m glad I did. The image I used today is a HDR from 3 different exposures. I am really happy with it too.

We’re expecting rain, rain and more rain for the latter part of the week. That may mean I am stuck in doing homework/coursework! Just how I want to spend my summer… That sucks.

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