Day 32: Antelope Island

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Day 32: Antelope Island

Northwestern America and New York

After 5 weeks of extensive traveling on the other side of the big pool, I’m (finally) back to Switzerland. An exciting journey and a large photo tour ended. My wife and I visited several national parks within the USA and Canada. We started in New York and travelled from Portland to Salt Lake City along the Rocky Mountains, spending 2 weeks in Canada in between.

I captured 72GB of photos. Showing all of this would be impossible. I will start with an overview over the journey by presenting one picture a day. I will choose the most significant picture of every day of the journey. I will also add a description of the place so you’re able to find those beautiful places if you’d like to.<br />

And for all those who are expecting typical David-Kaplan-style pictures, here a note: During vacation I don’t have so much time for planning my photo trips and waiting for the best light. Many of the following pictures may be kind of a snapshot. Please be aware of that when writing constructive critique. But I’m always interested in some feedback because I like to learn.

Day 32: Antelope Island

I didn’t expect to see something that nice on our last real vacation day. Antelope Island in the salt lake near Salt Lake City is really an amazing place. You can see Bisons, Pronghorns and Biting Gnats (No-see-ums). It was scenically something really different from everything seen before on this trip. It reminds me of our journy to southwest USA two years ago.

Day 33/34: RV dropoff / Flight back to Zurich

On day 33 we had to drive into SLC during morning rush hour. It wasn’t very relaxing but everything worked well. At the RV dropoff station (Moturis) we had to pay 1000$ for the damage caused by the Mule Deer we hit. Fortunately we had an insurance in Switzerland to cover for that.
After that we get to the airport and flew home over Paris. Because of the time shift we could spend our 34th day in the airplane somewhere over the Atlantic. I hate those long flights! With this our journey ended. I hope you all enjoyed this series like we enjoyed our trip.

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