Chevy – Before/During/After

The Kav ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Chevy - Before/During/After

View this LARGE to see the transformation:…

This is the original hand-held shot that I took of this car. Shot in RAW and then converted over to a tiff image. Note the lack of details in the dark areas of the image.<br />

I duplicated the image 4 more times producing exposures of 0+1+2-1-2 and processed them through Photomatix. Note the dark areas with details. Essentially, the contrast is much lower so that the dark darks lighten up and the bright white dull down bit. All of this creates more potential to bring out details….better then what our eyes are capable of doing.

Into Photoshop it goes. LAB Color Space and RGB are used together. I do toggle back and forth to them.

RGB is better to adjust levels in. LAB has many benefits like sharpening on the "L" Lightness channel which is the dark tones. "A&B" color channels are great for color saturation/desaturation as well as adjusting the white balance using the "brightness/contrast" sliders (yes, I said white balance is adjusted with them)

I enjoy seeing Before/After images as it shows me the impossible is possible. I encourage everyone to put up some before/after comparisons!

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