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14 – Definitely more challenging – at places hands and feet up.

George – with over 2 mil views – THANKS ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

14 - Definitely more challenging - at places hands and feet up.

Trail Description

While the trail up Watch Hill has been around for quite some time it is now marked by the DEC and they have developed a new trailhead.

From the trailhead you will hike back along the short section of new trail to an old forest road and follow this for a bit to the foot trail that will come in on the right. The trail is well marked so don’t worry about the few intersections along the way. There is a trail marked as a horse trail which is a much easier approach to the summit, but it is a bit longer and not as exciting, and a bit wet and muddy. The foot trail is much more fun as it goes up over some steeper rock lips and eventually to the ridgeline. There are outstanding views of Snowy Mountain and Indian Lake.

There is a spur trail that leads down to the Shore of Indian Lake and a nice beach if you wish to add a bit of distance to your travels.

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