Harbour at Smuggler Cove — HDR panorama K

etherflyer ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Harbour at Smuggler Cove — HDR panorama K

There’s a window of peacefulness at Smuggler’s Cove, it seems. Earlier in the day there were lots of young families with all the chatter that entails (not annoying, just noisy), as well as lots of dog owners letting the beasts run wild* (just as noisy, much more annoying). But for now everything is peaceful.

I love the varied colours in the shallows — the sea here runs from pale green to deep blue.<br />

The origin of the name Smuggler Cove is subject to much speculation. One theory holds that the bay was used by one Larry "Pig Iron" Kelly to pick up Chinese labourers to be smuggled into the United States after the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Another story is that the concealed cove was used as a transhipment location for the smuggling of bootleg liquor, produced on neighbouring Texada Island, into the US during the prohibition era. Given the cove’s proximity to Secret Cove, one can conjecture at some connection.

This is a High Dynamic Range panorama stitched from 48 bracketed images with PTGUI Pro, tone-mapped with Photomatix, then touched up in Aperture.

Original size: 11743 × 4347 (51.0 MP; 88 MB).

Location: Smuggler Cover Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

*Any dog who leaves paw prints on my chest isn’t "under control" — and in any case I would expect the owners to heed the "pets must be on leash" signs.

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