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20+ High Quality Apple Device Mockup PSDs

Digital device templates are popular amongst designers and have been used for years but with more devices and more resources, designers have taken the liberty of creating dozens of tools for any type of application. This post will focus specifically on Apple device mockups ranging from iPhones to full iMacs.

These mockups include photorealistic renders along with actual photos relying on smart objects for screen replacement. This is perhaps the best way to showcase a new UI design without actually taking a picture of your device. Check out these resources and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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iPhone Mockups

These iPhone mockups can be used to showcase anything from iOS apps to games and even mobile-responsive websites. Screen dimensions match Apple’s specifications with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models (and one day soon the iPhone 7).

Real iPhone 6 PSD Mockups by PSDExplorer. The real iPhone 6 photo set is one of the best for its price. You can download a set of 6 unique PSDs with real iPhones in various positions. The screens can include glossy effects and auto-calculate perspective for adding your own interfaces. [Download]

real iphone 6 mockups gallery

iPhone 6 PSD Mockup by Ramotion ($39). This device mockup pack is used by major brands like TechCrunch and VentureBeat to showcase iPhone apps for their editorial needs. All 9 mockups feature portrait and landscape perspectives from all iPhone 6 models in white, space gray, and gold. The full pack costs $39 but you can download a free sample containing one iPhone mockup PSD to test it out. Ramotion also features a pack of iPhone 6 Plus mockups available for $49. [Download]

iPhone Mockup PSD

Business Collection for iPhone 5s/6 by mockupdeals. This pack includes 14 PSDs featuring the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 models. Each device is photographed in a natural setting either on a table or in use. Everything is fully layered with photo dimensions of 6000x4000px. [Download]

free psd iphone5s

Photorealistic iPhone 6 by Oxygenna. Photorealism is a popular choice for device mockups because they draw viewers into the scene with a sense of real-world features. This pack from Oxygenna contains 4 custom iPhone 6 mockups with editable screens. The PSDs are very high quality and the photography work is captivating. [Download]

photorealistic iphone 6

iPhone 6 mockup set by Premium Mockups. Eclectic styles and tilted perspectives define this pack of 6 free iPhone PSD mockups. Each photo uses a white iPhone 6 with extra features like reflections and blurs to create a more realistic finish. The set is completely free to download and to use for any project work. [Download]

white iphone 6

iPad Mockups

Mobile tablet gaming is still one of the hottest markets compared to console gaming, and the iPad has spurred many alternative tablets in the touchscreen market. These device mockups are perfect for demonstrating a pixel-perfect render of any iPad app or game interface.

Photorealistic White iPad by ZippyPixels. This photorealistic PSD mockup is simple to use and easy to download. It features a white iPad in landscape mode held on a tabletop. Just replace the smart object screen layer and you’re good to go. [Download]

landscape white ipad

iPad Air 2 by Igor Reif. The latest iPad Air 2 sports a clean design typical of Apple products. This free mockup features an iPad Air 2 laying on a wooden tabletop with a replaceable screen layer. The PSD includes 4 photo filters and comes in 4133 x 2745px. [Download]

ipad air 2 psd

iPad 3-Pack Mockups by Max Linderman. If you need a few styles to choose from then this 3-pack is a great option. Max also released black iPad mockups which are similarly free to download. [Download]

free ipad 3pack

Over-the-Shoulder iPad PSD by Euxhenjo Makaj. Designer Euxhenjo Makaj released this freebie PSD on his Behance page. It’s an over-the-shoulder shot of someone holding an iPad with clear view of the screen. Perfect for any iOS mobile project from apps to games. [Download]

ipad shoulder photo psd

Hip iPad Mockup by Vadim Sherbakov. This quick & dirty PSD is a hip, filtered photo of an iPad tilted for perspective. The photo comes in high-resolution 300 DPI ready for print or the web. [Download]

hip iphone mockup psd

Apple Watch Mockups

Upon the release of the Apple Watch, developers rushed to learn WatchKit for building native Apple Watch applications. These device mockups are the perfect companion for any designer or developer looking to present their work with a realistic picture-perfect setup.

Vector Apple Watch PSD Mockups by Ramotion ($69). This incredible set by Ramotion includes high-resolution Apple Watch mockups with 10 different wristband styles. These photorealistic renders are made with vector shapes, so they’re easy to scale and fit with any UI design. This is a premium resource with the full pack selling for $69, but you can download a free demo of one Apple Watch PSD to sample. [Download]

Apple Watch Mockups PSD

Apple Watch by Juan Carlos Ferraris. A very simple template with a pre-rendered background and photorealistic watch design. The screen is front-facing without any perspective. It’s a nice mockup for the more traditional presentation style. [Download]

rendered apple watch psd

Apple Watch Sport Edition by Pierre Bravoz. This 5-toned Apple Watch Sport PSD is the perfect freebie for app designers. The wristband comes in 5 colors and all colors are editable to your liking. Also since it’s a photorealistic render you can easily swap out the background as well. [Download]

apple watch sport psd

Apple Watch 9-Pack by Samuel Medvedowsky. Created by Samuel Medvedowsky of Napoleon Agency, this 9-pack Apple Watch set is beyond incredible. It’s completely free to download and features real photos of people wearing Apple Watches, fully layered with smart objects for screen replacement. [Download]

nine pack psd apple watch

Photorealistic Apple Watch by COBE. If you’re looking for quality photos look no further than this set of 16 free Apple Watch comps. Each photo ranges 5000px wide for a crisp high-resolution mockup. [Download]

free photorealistic apple watch

MacBook Mockups

Apple’s line of MacBooks has seen a few variations including the MacBook Air and the high-spec MacBook Pro. If you’re designing a website and want to show it off with photorealistic comps then these mockups are for you. Each mockup is layered and super easy to edit fitting screen sizes that match real-world MacBook resolutions.

Hi-Res MacBook Mockup by PixelBuddha. The team over at PixelBuddha have released their own freebie MacBook photo mockup on Dribbble. It features a user interacting with the computer to give a more finished feeling to the photo. [Download]

freebie macbook psd

MacBook Air Mockups by Oxygenna. MacBook Air photo mockups aren’t easy to come by, and this set is simply superb for a free download. You’ll get 3 unique MacBook Air device mockups photographed from real desks accompanied by relevant background decoration. [Download]

macbook air psd device

Photorealistic MacBooks by Romain Monbertrand. This pack of 8 MacBook mockups are real photo mockups with layers placed over the screen for ease of use. All photos are high resolution and edible with any version of Photoshop. [Download]

macbook series mockups

Macbook Pro PSD by Hazem Tawfik. From businesses to creative agencies, these two MacBook Pro device mockup photos are stunning and relatable. Use them to show off projects to a client, impress your boss, or simply test out a personal project you’ve been designing. [Download]

macbook pro psd device mockup

Working on MacBooks by loswl. For true high-quality device mockups you’ll want to scope out this pack from Creative Market. It features users on their MacBooks in different locations and from varying camera angles. The pack includes 10 different mockups that can work in Photoshop CS2 or later. [Download]

working on macbook psd

MacBook Air by NineToFive. This layered PSD comes in at 2400 x 1600px resolution ready to fit any UI design presentation. And note that this is only freebie #1 of an ongoing pack released by NineToFive. Check out their freebies page to find 4 more free MacBook Air renders. [Download]

macbook air psd mockup

iMac Mockups

It’s tough to find quality iMac mockups that contain layers for quick screen replacement. But the few resources out there are incredible for showing off a new website with a photorealistic effect. All of these resources are layered as PSDs with clear editing instructions. Unfortunately I’ve yet to find quality Sketch mockups for the iMac, but hopefully designers will tackle this area in the near future.

iMac Desk Mockups by Alex Byrne. Alex released this set of 4 iMacs on Creative Market with a free preview on Dribbble. Each photo showcases the iMac screen from a different point of view with a subtle yet relevant background. [Download]

four imac devices psd

7 Real iMac PSD by show it better. This pack includes 7 different iMac photos all taken from the same desk space. Differences in perspective allow for very creative presentations, and each photo comes in high-resolution at 4000 x 2667px. [Download]

creative imac psd freebies

Photorealistic iMacs with Filters by Oxygenna. Those who are looking for free mockups should check out this pack which contains 4 photorealistic iMacs taken from real photos at different angles. Built-in layers with photo filters can be used for an extra touch. [Download]

imac photorealistic mockup

Straight Shot iMac PSD by Marcel Wedekind. A clean yet efficient iMac mockup made free under a creative commons license. It has been edited to allow any interface to fit within the iMac screen; just follow his instructions. [Download]

freebie imac front view psd

iMac 27" PSD Mockup by Mats-Peter Forss. This incredible photo of a 27″ iMac was modified by Mats-Peter Forss and posted on Behance as a free PSD. It features an office setting with a clear view of the iMac screen. The PSD is fully editable with a 16:9 smart object layer for the screen contents. [Download]

10 Awesome Accessories for Your New MacBook

We’re less than two months to Christmas and the shopping season and to kickstart our annual shopping wishlists, here are a few Macbook accessories you can get yourself or for the Apple fan in your family.

In this collection I’m going to share with you 20 Macbook accessories that can help keep your Macbook safe, stylish and more organized . You’ll see beautiful cases, screen protectors, USB drives, cable organizers and other accessories to add to your collection of Macbook gadgets.

For more accessories, check out:

PowerPlay – Cord Organizer

PowerPlay is the perfect way to keep your Macbook cables organized. It helps to roll up the cables and protect your power brick from scratches. [Get it for $32]

Cork Keyboard

This cork keyboard is cut and finished by hand, and can be stuck on with 3M adhesive. It’s available in many sizes for Macbook. The keyboard can be easily removed. [Get it for $40]

Hub+: USB-C Hub

If you recently switched to Macbook, this Hub+ will help you to work as you used to. It’s the first USB-C that connects all your necessary gear to the new Macbook. It’s small, sleek, and travel-friendly. [Get it for $89]

TarDisk – 2x Macbook Storage

TarDisk increases digital storage and does everything a new hard drive should. Its small size packs an incredible 128 GB or 256 GB of digital space. [Get it for $149 – $399]

GlocalMe – World’s First Mobile WiFi Hotspot

GlocalMe is a Wi-Fi hotspot which is supported around 100 countries. It works without a SIM card, and will assign you carrier data traffic no matter where your location is. Great for travelers. [Get it for $129]

Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad

This wooden multi-touch trackpad is compatible with Mac OS. It also works as numeric keypad. [Get it for $190]

The KADi Port

The KADi creative turns your Macbook’s USB-C port into two USB-Cs, one USB 3.0 and one Mini DisplayPort. [Get it for $39]

Mos – Magnetic Organization System

The MOS is a magnetic system which is also an organizer for your Macbook cables. Keep your cables, earbuds and other stuff all in one place. It can also be mounted to a wall. [Get it for $40]

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector (for MacBook 11″ – 15″)

Get anti-blue light screen protectors for better protection from screen glare. Ideal for 11″ to 15″ Macbooks. [Get it from $33 onwards]

Camera USB Drive

This cute camera USB drive looks like a mini version of an actual DSLR. Comes with 8 GB of memory. [Get it for $20]

Slim Laptop/Tablet Case by ÉSTIE

Looking for a nice case/bag for your Macbook? This carbon leather case with felt finish is the perfect option. [Get it for $199]


Portiko is a 6-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports for better organization of the working process in a team. [Get it for $24.95]

Apogee Groove

Apogee Groove is a portable USB DAC and headphone amp to listen to the music on your Macbook. [Get it for $295]

Keyboard Shortcut Skins

This colorful keyboard shortcut skin is a great choice for a photographer or web designer. It can be easily put on or removed from your keyboard. [Get it for $30]

Peak Natural MacBook Cover & Stand by Aecraft

Made with wool felt and premium vegetable-tanned leather, this two-in-one Macbook cover and stand would keep your laptop safe. [Get it for $200]

Hard Case for MacBook Pro

This lightweight and ultra-thin protector case for your Macbook gives you access to all ports and protects your laptop from scratches at the same time. [Get it for $59.95]

Cusby: First USB-C Modular & Expandable Adapter

Cusby lets you to build custom sets of different communication ports, combine and interchange them as easily as adding "building blocks". [Preorder]

Glitty – Wooden Case

This wooden case for Macbooks are available in three types: Cherry, Walnut and Ebony. Their design is sleek, simple and thin. [Get it from $79]

Cordlupa by This is Ground

Cordlupa works as a simple strap for your Macbook cables. It’s a perfect choice for travellers. It will keep your cables safe and secure. [Get it for $25]

Nimbus Portable Lamp

Nimbus is a portable and small lamp which will help you to brighten up your workspace if you ever have to work in the dark. It also can be used to take selfies in low lighting. [Get it for $30]

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Apple iOS 9 – 60+ New Changes and Hidden Features

If you haven’t noticed, iOS 9 is now available for download. You can access the software update via Settings > General> Software Update > Download and Install. The update is 1.3 GB, a lightweight compared to its predecessor iOS 8 (weighing in at 4.58GB) and while there are some reported hiccups in the installation process, so far iOS 9 is shaping up fine.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you would like to make the jump, fret not, we played around with iOS 9 for a bit and these are some of the more noticeable upgrades and changes that might convince you to put more faith in this than you did in iOS 8.

Overall, we’re looking at a more proactive OS, a smarter Siri, a more powerful Spotlight, some upgrades to the keyboard that are a long time coming, an improved Maps, a stab at Note-taking, minor upgrades to Mail, better support for Apple Pay, longer-lasting battery life, some facelifts, welcomed UI changes and fun upgrades all around.

1. Proactive Intelligence

Knows Your Caller – If you get an incoming call from an unknown number but which is associated with an email you already have, iOS 9 connects the dots and lets you know who the caller is. Contact info found in emails will also be automatically added to Contacts.

know who call you

Plays the Music You Want – Proactive assistance learns what you listen to at a specific location or time then automatically displays playback controls for your favorite music and/or audio apps.

Suggests Your Favorite People – When adding names to an email message, calendar invite or event, iOS 9 will suggest the names of recipients you would most likely add based on your previous interactions.

suggest your fav people

Adds Events into Calendar for you – When you receive an email with a flight or restaurant reservation, an event addition will be suggested automatically for you.

Tracks Flights and Packages – iOS 9 also helps you track flight statuses and package deliveries. Any text referencing relevant info automatically prompts an interactive interface which allows you track the latest status.

Reminds You When To Make A Move – Calendar will tell you when to leave based on traffic conditions and what time your event is. It even prepares the directions to your destination.

2. Siri

Run Contextual Searches (Photo and Videos) – Siri gives context to your searches, understanding instructions like “Show me videos I took at Eva’s birthday party”. Searches will be done based on dates, location and album names.

Ask Siri to Remind You of Things – Siri wants to be your favorite to-do app apparently. Now, you can use Siri to set reminders for a task while we’re on an app, say, an email, or an errand while on Maps. Basically, reminders can now be set in-app.

siri to remind me of things

Get Directions via Public Transport – Need directions to a specific spot via subways, trains and buses? Just ask Siri to pull up the routes you need. You will be getting your directions from Maps. This works on select major cities.

3. Spotlight

Get Sports Scores and Schedules – Get the latest game results and stats by typing in your favorite team or club’s name in Spotlight Search.

Get Weather Forecast – Type "weather" and the city’s name into Spotlight to find out the latest weather forecast for the location.

get weather forecast

Get Stock Prices – Just type in a company name or ticker symbol into Spotlight to get the latest stock prices.

Do Simple Math – Spotlight Search can now do simple math questions and conversions.

do simple math

Call Someone from Spotlight – You can find contacts on Spotlight and initiate a call, message or facetime right from Spotlight.

Run Deep Searches Into Apps – Spotlight can also run searches inside apps so long as the app supports it. Think of it as being able to find a document you need based on what is inside it.

deep searching into apps

4. Multitasking

Slide in Second App – It’s now easy to multitask on the iPad. While browsing the Web, you can reply a text or jot down a note by sliding in the second app from the side.

ipad second app view

Have Two Apps On in Split View (iPad) – Split View keeps two apps running side by side, and we can resize the apps as well. Works with third-party apps too.

ipad split view

Keep Video Feed On – This mode shrinks the video feed you were on to a corner of the screen. This means we can keep Facetime-ing, or watch a video while working on something else.

5. Keyboard & Text Control

Select Text Easily – Finally, a smarter, more intuitive way to select text on a touchscreen (it’s about time!). With iOS 9, two fingers are all we need to control the position of the cursor on the iPad. Works anywhere on the screen.

Format with Built-in Shortcut Bar – Another feature that’s been a long time coming. We can now format those emails the way we need them to be. A Shortcut Bar (above the soft keyboard) lets us bold, italicize, underline, copy and paste text in a breeze.

shortcut bar

Smarter Keyboard Shortcuts (iPad) – iOS 9 lets you perform keyboard shortcuts like you would on desktop. Works with app-specific custom shortcuts too. Just hold down the Command, Option or Control keys to pull up the shortcuts.

New Unicode Emoji Flags – iOS 9 has a brand new set of emoji flags. For the full list of available country flag emojis, check out this link.

6. Maps

Easier Travel via Public Transit – Rivalling Google Maps support for public transport, Apple Maps now gives you details on public transit lines, station entrances and exits, schedules and directions. Supported in select major cities.

Lists Nearby Places of Interest – Nearby Places is probably handy for tourists or visitors who are looking for recommendations of where to eat, get a drink, shop or check out when visiting some place new.

nearby place of interest

Locate Apple Pay Support – Maps now comes with info on where you can use Apple Pay. If the payment service is available, it turns up in Maps. The Apple Pay mark or contactless symbol is also displayed at the checkout counter.

Knows Where Home, Work Is – For better directions on Maps, you can add the address for your home, workplace and favorite haunts into your Contacts. This way, you can select Home or Work on Maps, without punching in the full address.

7. Notes

Add Photos or Videos to a Note – A picture says a thousand words. Good thing iOS 9 lets you add photos and videos into your Notes straight from the camera or the photo library.

Create Checklists – Notes can now become checklists; tap to tick off what has been completed.

notes with photo checklist

Sketch your Thoughts – Maybe we don’t need that Pencil after all. Sketch on Notes with your finger and pull up the drawing tools to change the brush style or colors. A handy ruler keeps things straight.

Save Items to Notes Instantly – The Share menu now lets you store away interesting things you encounter on any app, straight into Notes.

add items to notes

8. Mail

Search Faster in Mail – Find what you need fast, with better filters based on sender, recipient, subject or a combination of a few options.

search faster email

Annotate With Markup Support – Support for Markup lets you annotate images or PDF attachments with text, shapes and even add your signature, all without leaving Mail.

Store and Manage Attachments with iCloud Drive – Save or add important attachments to your iCloud Drive storage as well as other document savers while working on your email.

email attachment via icloud drive

9. Apple Pay

Supports More Cards. – Apple Pay now supports Discover cards, reward cards and store credit and debit cards.

Checkout Faster – Prepare for an upcoming payment by double tapping the Home button from the Lock screen, and keeping your finger on Touch ID.

10. Battery Management

Low Power Mode – iOS 9 keeps your battery life usage optimized under Low Power mode, giving the battery an extended 3 hours of extra on-time on this mode.

battery low power mode

Extended Battery Life – iOS 9 can now extend your battery life for up to 1 extra hour before the next charge.

Facedown Detection – Place the iPhone face down to stop the screen from turning on. iOS 9 uses the ambient light and proximity sensors to do this, helping to save battery life.

Get Battery Usage Details – Now we can tell which app or process is taking most of the battery life on your device. Just go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to see the usage details.

battery usage details

11. New Look and UI Changes

San Francisco System Font – iOS 9 has lost the love for Helvetica. The new favorite is San Francisco, throughout the entire OS. More about this here.

Brand New Podcast App – Podcast got a makeover. An improved design allowing you to find the latest new episode of your favorite show, and sends you a notification when it is available.

ios9 podcast

Back to Spotlight – If you launch an app from Spotlight, now you can go back to it with a quick shortcut (top left) on the status bar.

Swipe Down on a Photo to Go Back – You can now swipe down on a photo to go back to the Camera roll.

Pinch to Zoom into Videos – To get a closer look in videos you have, just pinch to zoom into a video, on the Photos app.

Brand New App Switcher – The App Switcher gets a new design: it comes with a coverflow effect, and the not-so-popular "recent and favorite contacts" is now gone. Here’s what it looks like on the iPhone.

ios 9 app switcher

Scrubber in Photo app – A scrubber is a minimized gallery which you can scroll through easily to get to the photo or video you want, quickly. It’s now available for the Photo app.

Slide to Select Multiple Photos – Selecting multiple photos is now super easy. After tapping on Select in the Camera Roll, slide your finger over photos you want to select.

Hide Multiple Photos – In iOS 9, you can now hide multiple photos at once. To do that, go to Moments, select Share > Share this moment and then select Hide from the options below.

Searching in Settings App – A great timesaver, now you can search for the setting you need rather than go through every window to locate the function.

Side Switch – The Side Switch now can be set to lock the screen or to mute the device.

Leave a Message on Facetime – If you called someone on Facetime but they are not there, you can now leave them a message.

facetime leave a message

Disable Shake to Undo – If shaking to undo isn’t a feature you want to keep, here’s how you can disable it. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo and disable it.

Share Voicemails – Here’s a new one: with iOS 9 you can share voicemails. We’re not sure how popular this function will be, but it’s always nice to have extra options available.

Bonus: 10 More Features

Move from Android Easily – It’s the first Android app Apple makes, so it’s only strategic to make it an app to make the transition from Android to iOS smoother. It securely transfers contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, and in the future, your app library too.

Additional Customization for AssistiveTouch – You can customize the top level menu in Assistive Touch and add two more icons to the Assistive Touch menu.

iCloud Drive App – A new cloud storage app available with iOS 9, iCloud Drive App is an organized approach to file and folder storage. It is automatically added to the Home Screen upon installation, and searches can be conducted by date and name, or added tags. To toggle app visibility on the Home Screen by going to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and select "Show on Home Screen".

icloud drive

More Options in Reader Mode (Safari) – In Safari’s Reader Mode, you now have the options to change the font, font size and background color for more comfortable reading.

Smaller Software Updates – Space-hogging software updates may be a thing of the past. iOS users will need to give up less space for new updates, or get the option to install later.

News App – Read your favorite newspaper, magazine and blogs, share the articles that jive with you with the News app, or save them for offline reading later.

Phone Calls with WiFi – Make phone calls from your iPad, iPod Touch and Mac, via Wi-Fi. Nope, you don’t need the iPhone nearby to do this.

WiFi Assist – A great feature to have, iOS 9 detects when connectivity is poor via WiFi and switches to cellular data for you.

Six Digit Passcodes – This might now be much of a change for those who use Touch ID to lock their phones, but 6 digits is a step up from only 4, especially when it comes to password combinations.

6 digit numeric codes

Two-factor authentication – Continuity may keep us productive and always on but you can’t be too careful with physical devices. iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan now has support for two-factor authentication. Whenever there is a new sign-in from an unrecognized device or browser, you will be prompted for a verification code, which is sent to your other Apple devices. Enter the code to sign in.

Noticed any features we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

10 Apple Watch Apps You Will Love

As soon as Apple added the Apple Watch to its ecosystem, and released the WatchKit in November 2014, developers and designers made a beeline to create third-party apps for the smartwatch. As a result, about 3000 third-party Apple Watch apps are now available at the App Store. Scores more are waiting for a nod from the tech giant.

Of all these apps released so far on the App Store, we are here to look at 10 of them, which in our opinion is going to be a big deal in the near future.

1. SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Unlocking rooms simply by waving your hand is not a scene out of a sci-fi movie anymore; this feature has been brought forth by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide with their SPG app. The app allows guests to unlock their hotel rooms simply by waving their Apple Watches in front of the doors, connecting the virtual world with the physical.

The app also provides short snippets of clearly visible texts such as directions to the hotel without cluttering the smartwatch’s interface. It also uses contrasting colors against a dark background for better visibility of the content. This gives the guests a seamless experience, who use the app to keep a track of their check-in dates and member numbers with ease.

2. Invoice2go

Generating invoices, estimates and purchase orders are three core functionalities of Invoice2go. The app comes handy when employees want to keep track of the time spent on their job, create instant invoices on the go, send them and get payment notifications. Since the app uses geofencing, it gives them a precise track record and eliminates the cumbersome task of manually maintaining invoices.

Invoice2go has a minimalist interface. The buttons used in the app are easy to use and interact with, even for first time users. With minimum steps, the user can get their work done. This is exactly what is expected from an Apple Watch app (or any app for any other wearable for that matter) and makes Invoice2go one of the next big apps in terms of wearable technology.

3. Clear

Clear, one of the best productivity apps for the Apple Watch allows users to de-clutter their lives and organize their daily routines. It allows users to check their shopping lists or other tasks without taking out their iPhones.

The app has a sleek UI wherein users can easily view their to-do list with a quick glance on their wrists, put a check on completed tasks, or snooze them and even set important reminders with quick taps. The circular buttons on the screen for various tasks allow better interactions and saves time as well.

4. Uber

Uber’s Apple Watch app allows you to call a cab to commute anywhere in and around any location, by just tapping the ‘Hail’ button. The app then automatically detects the location and sends feedback in terms of the estimated time of the arrival of the car for pick up. Uber also provides crucial information such the model of the car, the driver and real-time update of the car’s location in the form of Glances.

The design of the app is all about providing instant service along with real-time information and makes apt use of Glances to offer important content relevant to the users. It uses the device’s bezel to display the location of the car and makes the information easy to understand with just one look at the wrist.

5. Fandango

Although moviegoers have to purchase tickets from Fandango’s official website, their accounts will be synced with the app and a mobile barcode ticket will be made available. When they visit the theater, all that they need to do is get this virtual ticket scanned to enter the screening.

Fandango makes the most of the Apple Watch screen space, especially when it displays the barcode ticket, the information about the theater’s amenities as well as countdown-to-showtime. The app also connects with the movie-goers by displaying trivia and quotes from the movies, which results in better user engagement.

6. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is not your everyday cooking app; it offers clear step-by-step guides to various recipes. What makes this app immensely handy for beginners is that it provides them with a shopping list for ingredients, timers and also recipe cards. Kitchen Stories aptly demonstrates the power of a wearable by giving users both text and relevant images and icons that allows them to understand a recipe without having to flip pages and cook with ease.

The recipe cards have all the important information right from the number of servings, to the indication of the time taken to prepare, the level of difficulty and ingredients list. The instructions are also given in a stepwise manner in the form of Glances. The app saves users from the horror of accidentally dropping their iPhone or iPad into a bowl of cookie batter or cake mix!

7. Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell Lyric is a thermostat that uses smartphone location data to heat or cool homes automatically. The app of the same name for the Apple Watch can be used to set the perfect temperature, even when users step out of their home. This helps home owners to save on energy bills in the long run by regulating home temperatures even when they are not home.

With its simple instructions and even simpler buttons, users can regulate temperature of their thermostats even when they are miles away from their home. This app have circular, actionable icons in the app that allow users to set their preferences in easy steps, giving them an enhanced experience. The app also uses color coding alongside icons to indicate temperatures such as orange for heating and blue for cooling.

8. SoundHound

SoundHound is an app that allows users to search for specific songs by listening in to the tune of the song from the device istelf. Users can hum the tune or even sing a few lines of the song and the app will display the song name as well as the LiveLyrics. The main feature of the app is that the song plays in the background while the lyrics get displayed on the screen automatically.

What makes the Apple Watch app special is that the part of the lyrics that is currently being played in the background gets highlighted in a different font color. This nifty bit of animation works wonders and gives the end-users a delightful and engaging experience when they listen to their favourite songs. It is akin to a personal karaoke on their wrists that they can easily access and even use when they are on the go!

9. Lifesum

A healthy lifestyle is possible with Lifesum – Lifestyle tracker & Calorie Counter app for the Apple Watch. One of the first health apps for the Apple Watch, Lifesum offers numerous useful tips, reminders as well as exercise suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle based on user inputs.

The app has a colorful interface, which allows users to track their food and water consumption levels as well as physical activity. Designed for the wrist, the app allows users to record their inputs with a single tap using actionable buttons. The app uses three main colors to indicate the levels of food, exercise and water and presents the statistics on the screen in an easily comprehensible manner.

10. Target

Target’s Apple Watch app for the chain of retail stores makes for hassle-free shopping trips. It has everything that a shopper requires right from the option to view the deals on specific items to creating a shopping list and even locating items in specific aisles in the store along with providing the stores’ opening hours.

Glances in the app further save their time and make shopping a breeze for the users. With large fonts in contrasting color and an intuitive interface, they can easily cut down on their shopping time and checkout before the store closes for the day.


These apps are already available for installation on the Apple Watch. At present, all of them are in their nascent stages. However, we can definitely expect more features and functionalities, along with bug fixes in the future, for these apps as well as many other innovative apps on similar lines.

What do you think? Do you know about any other Apple Watch app that needs a mention? Let us know through a comment.

Editor’s note: This is written for by Jaykishan Panchal. Jaykishan is a content marketer at MoveoApps, an apple watch app development company. He enjoys writing about technology, marketing and industry trends. You can follow him on Twitter.

20 Most-Wanted Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

Have a question on how to do something on your new Apple Watch? Seeing as how this is the first generation of the Apple Watch, you probably have many questions on how to use it. For starters, the Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone. This allows it to do many things like sync photos, music, receive app notifications, and locate your iPhone.

If you are looking to do all that and more, this is the user guide for you. Here are 20 of the most frequently asked questions a first time Apple Watch user may have:

1. How to pair Apple Watch With iPhone

Before you can start using your Apple Watch, you will need to pair it with an iPhone. To pair your iPhone you need to make sure that:

  • Your Bluetooth is turned on
  • You are running iOS 8.2 (or later) on your iPhone 5/5s/5c/6.

Pair Automatically via Viewfinder

1) Turn on your Apple Watch by holding down the side button for a few seconds.

2) Select your preferred language.

3) Tap on Start Pairing.

4) Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

5) Hold your Apple Watch and align it with iPhone’s camera viewfinder. That’s it!

align apple watch with apple watch app

Manual Pairing

1) Tap the (i) icon button on the top right corner of your Apple Watch.

2) Go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, and tap "Pair Apple Watch Manually". You will be presented with a device name.

3) Follow the steps on screen and pair your Apple Watch.

2. How to Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone

Have your Apple Watch nearby, and make sure it is connected via bluetooth to your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Under "My Watch" screen, go to "Apple Watch" and tap "Unpair Apple Watch".
  3. Tap again to confirm.

Your Apple Watch will now be disconnected from your iPhone.

3. How to Lock And Unlock Apple Watch

During the initial setup of your Apple Watch, you will be prompted to setup a passcode to keep your apps and sensitive data safe on your Apple Watch. If you skipped this step during setup, you can still set your passcode.

Create a Passcode

On your iPhone’s Apple Watch app , go to My Watch > Passcode > Turn Passcode On. On your Apple Watch, enter a new passcode, and enter it a second time to confirm.

create passcode for apple watch

By default, you only need to enter the passcode on your Apple Watch one time, and the watch will stay unlocked as long as the watch is detected on your wrist.

If the Apple Watch is off your wrist, you will need to unlock it everytime you need to access the apps and other notifications inside.

A few reminders:

  • Ensure that the passcode on your Apple Watch is different from your iPhone’s passcode.
  • You can unlock your Apple Watch via your iPhone.
  • You can also change your Apple Watch passcode via your iPhone.

Unlocking Apple Watch with iPhone

You can choose to have your Apple Watch unlocked whenever you unlock your iPhone. To do this, go to My Watch > Passcode and turn on "Unlock with iPhone".

Locking Apple Watch

Apple watch will automatically be locked when it is off your wrist. If you want it locked even when it is on your wrist:

  1. Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch.
  2. Choose Lock Device.
lock apple watch manually

4. How to Change Apple Watch Clock Face

Not loving the current clock face, or want to change the clock face to suit your current mood? Here’s How to do it.

  1. Make sure you are in the Clock app.
  2. Press the screen firmly to bring up the clock face gallery.
  3. Tap "Customize" to change the current clock face, or swipe left/right to select other clock faces.

Here’s a list of clock faces currently available on your Apple Watch:

  • Customizable: X-Large, Utility, Motion, Mickey, Simple, Chronograph, Color, Modular
  • Non-customizable: Solar, Astronomy

5. How to Add And Delete New Apple Watch Clock Faces

One of the great things about the Apple Watch is that you can create as many clock faces as you want, and change them to suit your mood. If you aren’t a fan of the preset clock faces, why not add a new one and customize it to suit your taste?

Adding a new clock face

1) Press firmly on the Clock app to bring up the clock face gallery.

2) Swipe all the way to the right, until you see a +New option. Tap on it.

3) Use the crown on the side to select your preferred clock face.

Deleting an existing clock face

1) Press firmly on the Clock app to bring up the clock face gallery.

2) Swipe up on the clock face you want to delete and tap the delete button.

6. How to Add And Remove Apps In Glances

Glances as its name suggest, gives you a glance at the apps you access frequently.

To go to Glances on your Apple Watch, simply swipe up from the clock face. You can navigate through the apps in Glances by swiping left or right.

Manage your apps on Glances

  1. Go to the Apple Watch app in your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Glances.
  3. Tap (+) to include an app to Glances, or (-) to exclude the app.
apple app glances

7. How to Add And Remove Apple Watch Apps

To add an app you’ve installed on your iPhone to Apple Watch, go to the Apple Watch app, look for the app under My Watch, tap inside and select "Show App on Apple Watch". It will then be reflected on your Apple Watch’s app screen.

There are two ways to remove an app from your Apple Watch:

Remove Apps via Apple Watch

Go to the app screen, tap and hold the app you want to delete until you see the (x) button.

removing app via apple watch

Remove Apps via Apple Watch app on iPhone

Look for the specific app under My Watch, tap inside and uncheck "Show App on Apple Watch".

removing app via app

8. How to Organize And Rearrange Apps In Apple Watch

You can control the layoutof the apps you have on your Apple Watch. There are two ways to rearrange or re-position the apps on your Apple Watch’s app screen.

Rearranging via Apple Watch

  1. Go to the apps screen, tap and hold until the (x) button appears.
  2. Drag any of the apps to the position you want.
reposition app via apple watch

Rearranging via Apple Watch app on iPhone

  1. Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on "App Layout".
  3. Tap and hold the app’s icon until it zooms up. You can now re-position the app.
rearrange apps layout via iPhone

9. How to Clear All Notifications

You can view all your notifications by swiping down from the clock face. To clear all your notifications, press firmly on the notification screen, then tap on Clear All.

clear all notifications

To clear a individual notification, simply swipe left of the specific notification and tap Clear.

10. How to Turn Off App Notifications

Notifications on your Apple Watch mirror the settings on your iPhone. In short, if you get alerts for a specific app on your iPhone, you will automatically get the same notification on your Apple Watch too.

Turn off the notification for a specific app on your Apple Watch

  1. Go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
  2. Under My Watch, go to Notifications.
  3. Scroll and find the app then toggle the button to the right of the app to turn off notifications.
turn apple watch notification off

11. How to Enable Siri In Apple Watch

Voice control is probably the best way to interact with your Apple Watch, which means, you need Siri on your Apple Watch. You can use Siri on your Apple Watch to launch apps, make calls, check the weather and much more.

To initiate or access Siri

  • Raise your wrist, say "Hey Siri", or
  • Hold the Digital Crown until you see the next screen that says "What can I help you with".

12. How to Sync Music To apple Watch

You can listen to your favorite tunes on your Apple Watch with the help of Bluetooth headphones. To do that you need to sync a playlist to your Apple Watch from your iPhone first.

To add your music to Apple Watch

1) Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your iPhone.

2) Connect your Apple Watch to its charging cable.

3) Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to My Watch > Music > Synced Playlist.

4) Select and tap the playlist you want to sync to your Apple Watch. Wait for the sync to finish before using your Apple Watch.

Keep in mind that:

  • You can keep only 1 playlist on your Apple Watch at any time.
  • Your playlist is limited to a maximum of 1GB (or a specific number of songs).
  • You can change this limit via My Watch > Music > Playlist Limit on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

13. How to Sync Photos To Apple Watch

Syncing your iPhone photos to Apple watch is similar to syncing your music, except you don’t need connect your Apple Watch to its charging cable.

By default, Apple Watch will have your "Favourites" album from your iPhone synced. If this is not the album you want to have on your Apple Watch, here’s How to sync other albums to your Apple watch.

Sync photos to Apple Watch

  • On your iPhone’s Apple Watch App, go to My Watch > Photos > Synced Album.
  • Tap to choose the album you would like to sync.
  • Wait for the sync to finish.

Keep in mind that:

  • You are limited to one album at a time.
  • You are limited to a maximum of 500 photos, or 75MB worth. This setting can be altered under My Watch > Photos > Photos Limit.
sync photos to apple watch

14. How to Turn Your Apple Watch Off And On

To turn off your Apple Watch, click and hold the side button (below the Digital Crown). On the screen, swipe right on the "POWER OFF" button.

turn off apple watch

To turn it back on, simply hold the side button for 1-2 seconds until you see the Apple Logo appear.

15. How to Reboot Apple Watch (Do A Hard Reset)

If your Apple Watch hangs, or is just too slow, you can do a force reboot (also known as a hard reset). Hold the Digital Crown and side button together for a few seconds, and your watch will turn off and restart by itself.

16. How to Toggle Between Two Apps

To toggle between two of your most recently accessed apps on your Apple Watch, simply press the Digital Crown 2 times. This will allow you to jump instantly from your current app to your last used app, and vice versa.

17. How to Force Quit An App

If a specific app is acting up in your Apple Watch, you will need to force quit the app manually.

Force quit a specific app

  1. Hold the side button until the Power Off menu shows up
  2. Release, and hold the side button again until the app closes.

You will be brought back to the App screen.

18. How to Erase Content On The Apple Watch

If you are thinking of handing over or selling your Apple Watch to someone else, it’s a good idea to erase and wipe out all of your data and settings before you do so. Here’s How to completely erase everything on your Apple Watch.

Erase data on Apple Watch

On your Apple Watch app on iPhone:

1) Go to My Watch > Apple Watch.

2) Tap "Unpair Apple Watch".

unparing on apple watch app

3) Next, open the Setting app.

4) Go to General > Reset, and tap "Erase All Content and Settings".

erase content settings on apple watch

19. How to Find Your iPhone With Your apple watch

Does it seem like your iPhone is a fan of hide-and-seek? Since you will have your Apple Watch on your wrist most of the time, you can use it to locate your iPhone.

Locate your iPhone

1) Swipe up to Glances.

2) Swipe all the way to the left until you see the following screen:

locate iPhone with apple watch

3) Tap the "Pinging iPhone" icon to make your iPhone make a loud sound so you can locate it easily.

This works even if your iPhone is on silent mode, and as long as it is within range of your Apple Watch.

20. How to Take Photos With The Apple Watch

Technically you can’t take a photo with your Apple Watch alone because it has no camera installed. However, you can use it as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera and to trigger your iPhone to take photos.

Take a photo with the Apple Watch

1) Launch the Camera App on your Apple Watch. This will, at the same time, brings up the Camera App on your iPhone.

2) The screen on your Apple Watch serves as a viewfinder for your iPhone camera. Tap on the white button (center – below) to take a photo.

camera app on apple watch

Bonus: One More

21. How to Take Screenshots With The Apple Watch

Taking a screenshot of your Apple Watch is easy. Just navigate to the screen you’d like to take a screenshot. Hold the side button then press the Digital Crown once.

Your screenshot will be saved into your iPhone Camera Roll.

Now Read:
Apple Watch Docks – The Best So Far

20+ Apple Watch Docks – The Best So Far

The Apple Watch is reported to last only a day on a full charge (although there are reports saying that that may be an optimistic estimate), so if you are a power user on the iPhone, you probably might want to invest in a good Apple Watch dock for regular charging sessions.

We did the legwork and dug up some of the best Apple Watch dock designs the Web has to offer so far. It’s still early days so some of these docks are still in the production and crowdfunding stages, but that doesn’t mean they might not be sitting on your desk one day.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch Docks you should check out while waiting for your Apple Watch to get delivered.

1. WatchStand

Here’s a stand that takes into account how flexible your Apple Watch band is. You can choose to leave your Watch horizontally or vertically on the stand. Both orientations are angled in a way where you can see the watch face at all times.

The cable is wound up and stored away from view, hidden inside the pole section of the stand. The base is designed to hold your iPhone should you require a dock for it too. The stand is about 8 inches tall and weighs only 18 ounces.

How to Get:

  • Price: $29.99
  • Shipping fees apply
  • Manufacturer: Griffin Technology

2. Apple Watch Stand S330

This elegant, solidly built watch stand by Spigen comes with a dock made from flexible TPU plastic which is sturdy yet kind to your Watch. The dock is angled at 45 degrees for easy placement and equally easy viewing.

The side of the stand has a cutout for easy cable management. Overall, the stand gives off a polished, classy look. Spigen’s Apple Watch Stand S330 is available only in silver.

How to Get:

  • Price: $24.99 (Pre-order)
  • First batch in: May 2015
  • Shipping Fee: Free within the US
  • Manufacturer: Spigen

3. DOCK for Apple Watch

The Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch is an ambitious attempt at minimizing the size of a dock. The rotating arm allows the Apple Watch to be angled at any degree that is comfortable for viewing and the design does not play favorites with any particular buckle or strap design.

You can choose to place the dock on either side (left or right) or let it lie flat on a surface with the Watch resting on top.

How to Get:

  • Price: $49.99
  • First batch in: August 2015
  • Shipping fees:
  • Manufacturer: Native Union

4. WatchKeeper

It’s a charging dock with integrated MagSafe cable management for easy storage, and a protective casing for your Apple Watch – perfect for the Apple fan who is always on the move.

The rigid protective cover comes in bespoked leather, available in black and tan, while the interior is made up of EVA foam and microfiber lining. WatchKeeper has a 12-month warranty and ships worldwide for free.

How to Get:

  • Price: $59.95 (Pre-order)
  • First batch in: May 2015
  • Shipping fee: Free worldwide
  • Manufacturer: Studio Proper

5. BLOC Power Bank for Apple Watch

Here’s a different take on how to keep your Apple Watch charged: a wireless powerbank; no cords, no fuss. The powerbank is a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery which can fully charge your Watch four times. Just place your watch on the powerback for wireless inductive charging.

The powerbank is only 1cm thick and is available in a variety of materials. Choose the type of material you want your power bank to come in: wood, marble, rose gold, gold, aluminium (silver/space gray), marble or stainless steel. Prices may vary.

How to Get:

  • Price: $60-$100 (Pre-order)
  • First batch in: June 2015 (aluminium) / Aug 2015 (all other materials)
  • Shipping fees apply
  • Manufacturer: BoostCase

6. HiRise for Apple Watch

For a clean and neat stand that lets you keep using your Watch while docked, try HiRise’s stand for the Apple Watch. Available in Silver and Black, this stand stands 9.5 cm tall and weighs around 6.65 oz.

It has a leather landing pad and a non-slip rubbery base, both designed to keep the Watch in place. Silicone accents ensure that your buckles and bands do not get scratched when docking or removing your Watch.

How to Get:

  • Price: $49.99
  • First batch in: May 2015
  • Shipping fees apply
  • Manufacturer: TwelveSouth

7. Aerious Moduul Smart Watch Dock

Although the stand itself is made from aluminum, allowing to have it in one of three colors – silver, black and gold – the dock where your Watch sits to charge is made from hand-finished walnut.

Moduul also has a small sticky base which lets you dock, use and remove your watch easily, with one hand. Moduul is also compatible with the Pebble Time watch.

How to Get:

  • Price: $50 (Retail)
  • First batch in: June 2015
  • Shipping fees: $5 (Australia); $15 (International)
  • Manufacturer: Aerious

8. NightStand for Apple Watch

If you can readily bypass an elegant stand to opt for a more pragmatic dock, check out NightStand by Elevation lab. This silicone dock with a matt finish can be mounted on any surface, horizontally or vertically, with the use of adhesives (much like those used with GoPro cameras).

With NightStand, you don’t have to slide your Watch in at an angle or from the side. It is designed so you can still dock your Watch even if you are half awake. NightStand is available in three colors: red, black and blue.

How to Get:

  • Price: $29 (Pre-order)
  • First batch in: End of May 2015
  • Shipping fees: Free within the US
  • Manufacturer: Elevation Lab

9. AWDock

At the time of this writing, AWDock is still en route to reaching its Kickstarter goal of €39,000. While the design is nothing to shout about, OOCKZY, the company behind this dock design focuses more on the material used instead.

Each dock is machined from a solid block of aluminum — no clamps, no screws — then polished, glass pearl blasted, then anodized (aluminum), or given a mirror polished finish (stainless steel), or given a 18K gold-plated finish (gold) for one of the three final looks.

How to Get:

  • Price: €65 (Retail)
  • First batch in: Aug 2015
  • Shipping fee: Free Worldwide
  • Manufacturer: OOCKZY

10. Stand For Apple Watch

Nomad’s stand is a try at a minimalistic and elegant version of an Apple Watch Dock. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, this stand has the cable-routing channel worked into the back side of the design. The copper alloy base gives it the balance and weight it needs to keep upright.

If you like this stand, do check out Nomad’s alternate offering, the Pod for Apple Watch ($59.95), an 80g, 7.2cm by 2.5cm pod that takes up less space yet still gets the job done.

How to Get:

  • Price: $59.95
  • First batch in: May 2015
  • Shipping fees: Free above $75
  • Manufacturer: Nomad

11. NuStand Apple Watch Dock

NuStand is offered as part of a funded Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the NuDock, a power station lamp that powers not only your Apple Watch but also your iPhone. If you don’t want to get NuDock, you can opt for the NuStand, which is a standalone dock for the Apple Watch.

NuStand is made of aluminium and available in anodized gold, silver and space gray. It is close to 10 cm tall. The 7 cm by 7 cm base has a microscopic suction pad to keep the stand steady in place.

How to Get:

  • Price: $19 Pledge; $44 (Retail)
  • First batch in: June 2015
  • Shipping fees: Free within the US; $20 (International)
  • Manufacturer: Shark Design

12. Composure Watch Dock

This Watch Dock is actually part of a larger, fuller collection of organizers. Composure consists of a phone bed, watch dock and an organizer bed, which can be purchased separately or as a group. Each section can be connected magnetically.

The setup is made from walnut and comes complete with soft cork inlays to give your phone, cards, keys and sunglasses soft bedding to rest upon. The Apple Watch though will be held on by its charging magnet.

How to Get:

  • Price: $64
  • First batch: late June 2015
  • Shipping fees: Free within the US
  • Manufacturer: Rest

13. Luxury Pocket Stand

Modeled after a pocket watch design, this handmade pocket stand can be propped up to hold your Apple Watch while it charges, or folded in to store your magnet charger for easy handling.

Its 4.2 in x 2.5 in and 0.6 in dimension allows for easy storing in a pocket or a bag. The stand comes in cherry wood, walnut and mahogany, and all with a 2-year warranty.

How to Get:

  • Price: $69.99 (on Pre-order)
  • First batch in: Mid-May 2015
  • Shipping fees: Free in the US
  • Manufacturer: Pad and Quill

14. DODOcase Charging Stand For Apple Watch

Another handcrafted design, DODOcase’s take on the Apple Watch dock hails from San Francisco and is available in California American Walnut. Aside from the sturdy wooden stand, this stand also comes with a solid steel base as a foundation.

The structure itself has specially carved areas to fit the cables of the MagSafe charging magnet, and it is designed to allow for easy coiling of the cable.

How to Get:

  • Price: $86.95 (Pre-order) / $99.95 (retail)
  • First batch in: 4-6 weeks after pre-order
  • Shipping fees apply
  • Manufacturer: DODOcase

15. Dual Charging Dock Organizer

Dual is a charging dock for your Apple Watch and iPhone. It comes fitted with a Baltic Birch tray, classic bookbound cover, and extra storage space for cables, straps and headphone.

When you need to be on the go, just close up the organizer like you would a book. Note that this dock is not suitable for the Apple Watch with Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet strap.

How to Get:

  • Price: $59.95 (Pre-order); $79.95 (Retail)
  • First batch in: 4-6 weeks after order
  • Shipping fees apply
  • Manufacturer: DODOcase

16. Apple Watch Dock

The docking surface is made of aluminum and leather accents to provide added protection for your Apple Watch. It stands at 4.64 inches tall and weighs 3.86oz. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

How to Get:

  • Price: $59.95 (Pre-order)
  • Shipping fees: Free above $70 (within US)
  • Manufacturer: Mophie

17. Premium One W1 Single Stand

Available in silver, black and a mix between silver and mahogany, this W1 Single Stand is suitable for any Apple Watch. The W1 single stand charges the Apple Watch, while the W2 dual-dock design allows for simultaneous Apple Watch and iPhone charging. To also charge your iPad at the same time, get the W3 triple dock.

How to Get:

  • Price: $65-$75 (on Pre-order)
  • First batch in: July 2015
  • Shipping fees: $10 ($28 for international)
  • Manufacturer: Enblue Technology

18. Duet

Duet is an ongoing Kickstart campaign and is composed of a dock for the Apple Watch and your iPhone. Crafted from a solid aluminum block, Duet is locked together by magnets, but can be used separately. When detached, the nanosuction pads under the base of the Watch dock give added stability. Duet is available in space gray, silver and gold.

How to Get:

  • Price: $79 (Pledge); $99 (Retail)
  • First batch in: August 2015

19. BandStand

BandStand lets you choose how you want to place your Apple Watch, angled or facing upwards, and lets you charge your other Apple devices simultaneously. At the time of this writing, BandStand is only available for pre-order and all other information about it, including its price, is still not readily available.

How to Get:

  • First batch in: Summer 2015
  • Manufacturer: Standzout

20. Portable Version Apple Watch Stand (3D printing)

If you don’t want to buy a watch stand, you can 3D-print your own. Follow the link to get the plans to print this portable version of a watch stand. To prop it up, just use a credit card or a card of the same consistency. The design also allows for easy cable management.

Here’s More:

Aerb iWatch Stand Bracket. A lightweight, TPU dock angled 45 degrees for your convenient viewing. ($29.99)

iProtectYouri [Charging Dock]. Made from brushed Aluminum, with a rubber bottom and copper alloy, this stand comes in space gray. ($49.99)

VEGO Charging Stand. Minimalistic with a groove to hide your cable, this 10cm tall charging stand charges your Watch in a 45-degree placement. (17.69$)

Casebay. A simple, low-key, affordable Apple Watch stand that weights only 1.8 oz. ($5.39)

G-Hub SleekStand. Available in black and silver, SleekStand lets you charge all of your Apple Watches regardless of size and band or buckle. ($59.99)

Navitech Apple Watch Aluminum Charging Dock. Available in aluminium, wood oak and gun metal gray, this aluminum charging dock uses its weight as a sturdy foundation. ($49.99)

Orzly DuoStand Charge Station. With this DuoStand, you can charge both your Apple Watch and your iPhone on the same aluminum stand. ($44.99)