Vancouver from Queen Elizabeth Park

Brandon Godfrey ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Vancouver from Queen Elizabeth Park

LARGE ON BLACK (press F11 for full screen view)

Today I found one of my photos for sale online for $380. Which is funny, because I’ve never made a dime off of any of my photos. O.k, maybe not so funny. What they did was take my photo, and apply a very lame oil canvas layer in photoshop, and passed it off as their own work.

So, I have changed my stuff from creative commons to all rights reserved. Although any of the 250 or so people on my friends list can still download the large version of any of my pics. I realize this is bound to happen when so many people see and use your work all over the net. I will probably put my photos back to creative commons when I renew my pro account.

This is a shot I caught earlier this year at Queen Elizabeth Park, the highest point in the City of Vancouver.

Cheers! And thanks for having a look!

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