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I’m walking along a bike path in Minto-Brown Park in Salem, Oregon. My camera is in hand, and I’m looking for something of interest to take a photo of either down by the slough or in the vegetation along the side. I hear a sound behind me which can only be one of those pesky bikers. I step aside and a recumbent whizzes by with a small dog wearing pink racing goggles. As usual, I’m frozen into inaction at the site even though my camera is ready to shoot. All is not lost, however, because later the gentleman whose recumbent I first saw returned with his wife and (more importantly) their pet.<br />

I asked if I could take their picture and the woman agreed. They were clearly anxious to get moving. I had my Canon Rebel XT set to shoot a set of three bracketed shots for HDR. I knew the dog wasn’t going to sit still long enough to take an HDR shot, but I thought I’d give it a chance.

I shot the photos, thanked them and they took off flying.

When I returned home I kept the shot thinking it wouldn’t be possible to pull a clear image out of the files. I could at least show people the 0ev version to prove I’d seen what I’d seen.

To my surprise the three photos were a close match, but the dog was blurred in all but -2ev (which makes sense since it’s the fastest). I combined the three photos in Photomatix and followed my usual procedure of prepping the images. Then I lightened the underexposed image until it was approximately the same as the HDR image. It was sharp enough, but full of noise. I applied Topaz Denoise and then Clean until I got a reasonably clear image of the dog. I did the same for the woman’s face since she had moved a bit in between shots as well. HDR isn’t always kind to human faces anyway. The photo then went in and out of Topaz Adjust, Topaz Detail and Nik Viveza. I adjusted levels until I got something which I thought was bright, clear and crisp–and especially took advantage of the strong colors.

I cropped it to emphasize a wide, quirky rectangle. Not so odd really since the picture now divides roughly into thirds.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

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