You can almost feel the badass

Skunkworks Photographic ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

You can almost feel the badass

The lighting in this place is really great. I love it when, just by luck, everything falls into place…almost like it was built for photos. Anyway, these old motorcycles are awesome. Lots of details and lines and grease and grime…hehe. This is the same place that has all the classic cars as well but I didn’t want to leave the two-wheelers out of the fun so this is dedicated to all the bikers out there 😉

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Skunkworks Photographic

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Saratoga Auto Museum, Saratoga, NY

The Shot
Nikon D90, Sigma 10-20mm, bracket 3 exp (-2,0,+2) using a Tripod

Generated HDR using Photomatix, tonemapped with Details Enhancer

Photoshop CS3
Layer mask of curves to increase the contrast
Layer mask of reduce saturation (blues & cyan) to reduce the color cast
Layer mask of slight saturation (master) to give the overall shot a little color
Dup layer to apply high pass filter @ 75% to sharpen things up a bit
Topaz Adjust (new to this…suggestions?)

Noise Reduction
Topaz DeNoise

I would always appreciate any suggestions you may have. I don’t always know the best way to adjust things in Photoshop so any areas of improvement are welcomed.


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