Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Skunkworks Photographic ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Here is the first release from my vacation in Maine. I have been here many times and I can never resist going back time and time again. I showed up last year at 5am and the place was totally empty. I remember thinking at the time how lucky I was because this is a know photo destination at sunrise. Today I showed up at 5:30 and there were 3 other photographers there taking photos. At least I assume they were photographers because each one of them had so much gear with them they could hardly carry it all. I headed down the rocks with my camera, mounted on a tripod and a remote shutter release – that’s it. Plus, I opted to shoot directly into the sun where as they chose to shoot with the sun. I should have given them an HDR lesson 😉 Amazingly I got this shot out without either of the three in the background; I wonder if they were equally successful. Hmmm, I hope so. Many more to come – I have a feeling this may turn into a print release. Good night!

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