70 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

We’ve previously showcased some really cool paper sculpturing artwork; today we are going to show you another type of paper-related artwork. It is something we are all familiar with – Origami. Origami is an art of paper folding, and paper cranes are probably what we’ll thought of when it comes to origami.

Shumakov Origami Kitten

Origami originates from Japan, and in Japanese, Ori means paper, and kami(gami) means folding. There are various types of Origami, respectively action, modular, wet-folding and pureland. Today, we are going to show you some of the best examples of these paper made wonders.

Here’s a showcase of 70 beautiful and creative origami created by fans all over the world. Full list after jump.

Grulla. Designed by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo. Folded from 37*37cm MC treated tissue. (via Kekremsi)
grulla 70 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

Origami Jedi. Folded by Phillip West from a single uncut square. Modified from Satoshi Kamiya’s Wizard. (via PhillipWest)
origami jedi

Origami Tarantula. A really impressive model designed by Robert Lang, folded from a square of a tissue-foil paper. (via Rodrigo Zen)
Origami Tarantula

Divine Dragon. Masterpieces of origami dragons, famous Bahamut – Divine Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya. Folded by Brian Chan. (via Chosetec)
Origami Dragon

Yoda Origami. Designed by Fumiaki Kawahata. Folded by Phillip West from Lokta sandpaper paper back coated to tissue paper. (via PhillipWest)
Yoda Origami

Ancient Dragon. Designed by Satoshi Kamiya. Wet folded from mulberry tissue 136x136cm. (via Mabona Origami)
Ancient Dragon

Life Size Onitsuka Tiger. Created for Asics lounge in Berlin. This huge origami sculpture dimensions are: 270x110x60cm. (via Mabona Origami)
Life size Onitsuka Tiger

Praying Mantis (female). Designed and folded by Sipho Mabona. Wet folded form one uncut square of shikibu kizukishki kozo (handmade) colored with calligraphic ink. (via Mabona Origami)
Praying Mantis female

Gryphon. Interesting and complex example of gryphon origami. Folded from two types of paper, which makes this a very furnace origami. (via Guspath)

Werewolf. Another great example of origami by Guspath. Folded from 50cm square golden foil paper. (via Guspath)

Little Bird. Sweet yellow bird. Designed by Kamiya Satoshi, folded by Sin cynic. (via Sin cynic)
Little Bird

Dedalus. Red statue of Daedalus. Designed and folded by Origamirizzo. (via Origamirizzo)

Mammoth. This model was folded from diagrams. Designed by Satoshi Kamiya. (via Finwych)

Ringed Tailed Lemur. Folded from MC treated black tissue. Designed and folded by Origami Roman. (via Origami Roman)
Ringed Tailed Lemur

Vampire Bat. Vampire bat by Dao Cuong Quyet. Folded from 60cm square paper. (via Baldorigami)
Vampire bat

Phoenix. Phoenix origami at the exhibition in Toronto Airport. Created by Chow Hin Chung, folded by Alex Yue (via Sftrajan)

Fox . Folded from CP in tanteidan magazine 119. (via KingOri)

Chimpance. Designed and folded by Tanaka Masashi, folded from CP. (via Alexori)

Water Buffalo. Designed by Nguyen Hung Cuong, folded by Sin cynic. (via Sin cynic)
Water Buffalo

Minotaur. Designed by Satoshi Kamiya, folded by Imperfekshun from 64×64 cm tissue foil. (via Imperfekshun)

Whale. Designed by Satoshi Kamiya, folded by Eric Madrigal from brown 40×40 cm paper with acrylic paints. (via Eric Madrigal)

Hermit Crab Origami. Folded by Brian Chan from a square of laminated Japanese mulberry paper. (via Chosetec)
Hermit crab origami

Owl. Designed by Katsuta Kyohei. Origami size is 50×50 cm. (via Vetal Origami)

Reindeer. Designed by Katsuta Kyohei. Folded from brown paper. (via Vetal Origami)

Pig Nose. WilChua was refolding his pig and got a great result. (via WilChua)
Pig nose

Dollar Toilet Bowl. Folded from one 1 dollar bill. (via Orudorumagi11)
Dollar Toilet Bowl

Iron Man. Designed by Brian Chan. Folded from an uncut square.

Iron Man

Angel fish. Few small angel fish origami folded from colored paper. (via Claudia M&M)
Angel fish

Origami Yoda. Yoda stands at 11.5cm tall and was folded from an A3 square- approximately 30x30cm. Designed and folded by Antzpantz. (via Antzpantz)
Origami Yoda

Bull. From Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac in Origami. (via Himanshu)

Origami Roses. Gorgeous very realistic, colored origami flower bouquet. (via Amandakay82)
Origami roses

Elephant . Origami Elephant folded from brown paper. Designed by Himanshu. (via Himanshu)

Origami highback chairs. Some of the elements for your work place – origami highback chairs. (via Jonmatthew Photography)
Origami highback chairs

Origami Car. Small cute origami car folded from colored paper. Designed and folded by Midoriissa. (via Midoriissa)
Origami Car

Rat. Small rat origami folded from newspaper. Designed and folded by Eric Joisel. (via JuLi-Design)

Seated Cat. Seated Cat folded from brown paper. Designed and folded by David Brill. (via Himanshu)
Seated Cat

Origami horse. Horse origami from the Origami Now exhibition at the Peabody/Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. (via Philocrites)
Origami horse

Rose and leaf folded. Kawasaki Rose and leaf folded by J.V. Page of Origami Mitra. (via Bkwebb)
Rose and leaf folded

Origami Lion. Origami Lion from Satoshi Kamiya’s exhibition at the 40th British Origami Society Convention. Folded by Satoshi Kamiya. (via Gaharoni)
Origami Lion

High-Heel Shoes. Red stylish high-heel shoes. Designed and folded by Anthony. (via Antzpantz)
High-Heel Shoes

Frog. Origami Frog designed by Michael LaFosse. Folded from from cotton rags by Himanshu. (via Himanshu)

Penguins. All origami penguins are folded from one A4 paper. (via bh3o81)

Bottlenose Dolphin. Origami Bottlenose Dolphin designed by Syahmir from uncut square paper. (via Syahmir)
Bottlenose Dolphin

Squirrel. Origami in the Origami Exhibition in Mumbai, India. Folded by Himanshu. (via Himanshu)

Anciente Dragon. Designed by Kamiya Satoshi, folded by Hugoakitaya from papel manteiga. (via Hugoakitaya)
Anciente Dragon

Banana. Designed and folded by Andrew Hudson from yellow paper. (via Origami Weekly)

Honeycomb. Created by John McKeever, folded from a hexagon of elephant hide. (via Melisande)

Peacock. Created by Jun Maekawa, folded from 15cm tissue foil. (via Origami_8)

Jucumari. Origami folded from a square of Lamali/Banana paper. Folded by Origoku. (via Origoku)

Phoenix . Origami folded from a 16″ piece of tissue foil. (via J0nB0n)

Origami Swan . Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki. Folded by Himanshu. (via Himanshu)
Toshikazu Kawasaki Origami Swan

The Dance . Designed and folded by H.T.Quyet from 1 uncut right triangle – half of a square size 34×34 cm. (via ORI_Q)
The Dance

Shumakov Origami Kitten . Kitten origami design is created by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov. Origami size approximately 5 cm. (via Himanshu)
Shumakov Origami Kitten

Shin Tanaka. Origami designed and folded by Usagirondo. (via Usagirondo)
Shin Tanaka

Shrimp . Designed and folded by Yagorigamania from 60 x 60 cm tissue paper. (via Yagorigamania)

Shachihoko . Designed by Fumiaki Kawahata, folded from tissue foil made with white glue. (via Kekremsi)

Phalacrognathus muelleri. Designed and folded by Sipho Mabona. Wet folded form one uncut square of origamido paper. (via Mabona Origami)
Phalacrognathus muelleri

Oriland Kitten. Cute kitten origami original design by Oriland. (via Mammaoca2008)
Oriland Kitten

Origami Gundam . Complex creative Gundam origami, designed and folded by origami RXMAN. (via Origami RXMAN)
Origami Gundam

Miss Souris . Cute creative origami mouse, folded from bright colored paper. (via 5500km)
Miss Souris

Lion . Designed and folded by H.T.Quyet, folded from 1 uncut square of double crumpled paper. (via ORI_Q)
Lion 70 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

Kabuto Mushi Origami . Folded by Brian Chan from an uncut square of origamido paper. (via Chosetec)
Kabuto Mushi Origami

House. Prototype for a comisson by a advertising company. (via Mabona Origami)

Football . Created from a 19.5 inch square of chestnut lokta backed with rayon paper. (via Oriholic Jared)
Football 70 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

Flying Katydid . Origami is designed and folded by Sipho Mabona, folded from aprox. 16 inch of shikibu gampi-shi then wet shaped with water. (via Mabona Origami)
Flying Katydid

Scorpion. Designed and folded by Nicolas Gajardo Henriquez for latinamerican origami congress in Bogota. (via [~Nic))

Donkey . Cute donkey origami folded from black paper. (via 5.i.u)

Bull Moose. Origami is designed by Robert Lang and folded by Phillip West. (via PhillipWest)
Bull Moose

Lamb . Folded from hand-decorated elephant hide paper. (via Joseph Wu Origami)

St George and the Dragon . Origami scene designed and folded by Dave Brill. (via Happyfolding)
St George and the Dragon

Llopio’s Moment of Truth . Origami scene – Llopio’s Moment of Truth. Designed and folded by Neal Elias. (via Happyfolding)
Llopio's Moment of Truth

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