Getting to the Point in Texas

dustinsapenga ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Getting to the Point in Texas

Ive always loved photos like this. where there is a really long pathway that eventually leads to one point. i remember in high school learning one point perceptive drawing and thinking to myself "when the hell would this be useful?" well maybe never but i still know what im talking about haha. the one thing i always have trouble with though is giving the hallways depth. how do you make it really look like the hallways in going into the picture? i turned it to black and white so i could focus more on the lighting, which is what gives a photo depth. this photo didnt come out exactly how i would have hoped but im still happy with it.

People always talk about the blue hour as such a great time to shoot photos and i couldnt agree more. but when i shot this the sky came out so insanely blue that i had to selectively desaturated it so it didnt look retarded.

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