Las Vegas City Center Buildings and Monorail

dgmiami ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Las Vegas City Center Buildings and Monorail

Went for a quick tour around the Las Vegas Strip on my first day of a business trip before starting a week-long training session that was actually off of The Strip. That didn’t bug me much because I was here for a pretty intense computer hacking class and needed to give it all the attention I could. Besides, I come back in a month for vacation and I will have plenty of time to get new pictures of this wonderful city.

During my quick tour, I took the monorail which attaches the Monte Carlo Hotel to Bellagio, via City Center. If you haven’t been to Vegas lately – City Center is a beautiful location waiting for photographers to take in all the colors, lines, architecture, just everything!

The buildings in the center are named Veer – and my favorite of the bunch. If I had to move here, this is where I would call home!

Uploaded from Las Vegas Airport… now going home!

Hope you enjoy!

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